The computer......and IG


I’ve missed your rants.



You’re the one who responded to “gg’s smiley-face” with an insult, so I gotta say Ragnarok doesn’t come out as the unreasonable one in this exchange. Just saying :man_shrugging:t5:


Did you ever think there was more to it than what he posted? I gave you credit for a higher intelligence than that, my bad, come on man, does that conversation make any sense the way he posted it, should be blatantly obvious he’s trolling, but basic math seems to be really hard for a lot of people unfortunately.


You got me. I exist only to troll you. :laughing:.

Also there was more to it than what I posted, namely a string of lame insults about me spamming the jump motion.


So OP, back to the topic, in his second detailed thread makes no indication that he has any reasonable expectation or even vaguely constructive ideas for a solution to his problem with the AI. Has yet to address Shadows AI - for which has made several demonstrably untrue statements. When called on those statements he doesn’t respond. He does have time to say people are not smart and to complain that “IG never implemented any of those common sense things” without naming what any of those things might be. Just “you can easily program it to play good…” Uh huh.

This is a troll thread. Peace out.


I literally said everything already, you’re a troll.


Troll admits trolling hard, keeps trolling, no more company for you.


Yeah that’s what I’m getting from this as well. This guy refuses to play online and realizes that shadow play is repeat play styles loaded into ai by actual players. And it’s a great feature alongside survival. But it’s an unfair statement to blame the highest level ai survival because you refuse to play with actual people online. He should go back to playing the original without any options and then see if there is room to complain.


Your name is awesome. That is all. Cheers!


The original is one of the best fighters ever. The Ai is busted because ig didn’t take the time to make it fair, and shadow lab sucks because it’s a great tool you can only us one time a day vs say a good player you want to practice against, it’s all half done


Ty bro much appreciated! Doesn’t mean what you think but it came out perfect because oki is one of the best words in fighters and it’s how I play.


I was talking to @Fartclouds dumbass. This 35 year old still laughs at ■■■■ jokes. And I say dumbass because you made a thread saying you play the computer on the hardest difficulty and it’s too hard and that’s IG"s fault. Lol. Cheers!


Figured, nobody with any dignity left anymore, stay classy.


For the record I find it funny that the word blocked out is a noun describing a natural body function but dumbass is ok


A basic understanding of how AI works is needed here,

The AI “always breaks it” because put simply it studies your patterns and calculates the percentage of what you will do next. It does all of this in less than a second which is why it “feels” like it’s reading your inputs.

It’s not reading anything it’s simply reacting to your play style that it’s studied.

This is factually incorrect, playing on the hardest difficulty you have to expect the AI to be super hard…I mean it’s the highest difficulty what do you expect a walk in the park? However the easiest difficulty level does not do this at all, I tested the “baiting the AI into a counter breaker bug” on all difficulties. On the easiest level the AI would only ever break combos once in a about a hundred.

The rest of the post is just tried and tested “oh IG suck” comments.

Nan get ill? Blame IG!

Didn’t get that promotion? Blame IG!

Burnt your toast? Blame IG!

To conclude AI does not “cheat” it studies you and then counters what it thinks you’ll do next based on your habits.


then if its only “studying” why does it never combo break on a counter breaker? Thats instant reaction stuff, because every time i don’t counter break it breaks, every time. Even on shadows 1, 2, cb, nope, 1, cb, nope, cb, nope, every, time. And if its “studying” my patterns and reacting accordingly why even when I’m doing perfect combos literally like 12 times in a row, aka either all manuals, or a mix of manuals and doubles at different strengths every input does it break them all perfectly instantly, and they are all completely different? Thats reading not guessing based on %.

Thats happened to me countless times, and when the computer goes full on cheat like that, its when I quit and stop playing because even when you’re playing perfect in spurts sometimes, the computer just decides it wants to cheat and its pointless because its reading its own system and cheating on frame 1.

IG was just lazy and treated KI like a third cousin in pretty much every way, they were given something great and didn’t care, that’s why so many people didn’t like them or trashed them, because they deserved it, this is not some undo criticism, its a complaint about a product they were given and decided to do a made in china job on it. In the adult world, you are judged for the work you do/product you put out, which shows why ki “died.” Has nothing to do with “People just wanna trash IG”, people are calling what it is.


AI has an advantage over you, similar to how a Supreme Grand Master chess player has an advantage over most chess players. Like a chess master AI looks several moves ahead taking every conceivable outcome into consideration, that’s why it appears to “cheat”.

As for shadows you’re pretty much playing against a real persons moveset and habits so it’s much closer to an actual PvP. Not concrete of course but it’s better than playing AI.

I’m very interested in seeing some evidence of your claims, please upload a video that shows the AI on the easiest difficulty breaking “every time” as you’ve stated. I’d be very surprised if it happened every single time.

AI works on what you’re doing, it’s why in some fighting games if you just stand there and do nothing the AI will attack for a while but then stop and not do anything. Almost like it’s confused because it actually is since you’re not giving it anything to work from.

I know it seems like reading but reading is just very good guessing, AI can think faster than any human mind and can see hundreds if not thousands of possibilities. I’d be interested in seeing your play style as habits will be picked up by AI and exploited


I remember when playing UMK3 you could cheat the AI by getting a slight life lead and then just walk back and forth. Literally all it would do was walk back and forth to. I remember cheesing the Arcade until I got to the bosses. Not really that fun to watch though. :smiley:


Yeah I remember with MK2 on the SNES at least you could just duck and the AI would keep doing low punch, so you could beat them with a well timed uppercut or just keep spamming crouching LP lol


I understand the computer can do math especially in its own system much faster than we can and adapt which is awesome, and fun to play against, but permanent perfect “guessing” on frame one literally 12 combos in a row with every combo varied perfectly is not “guessing”, it’s reading. That’s happened to me many times, I’d say at least 6 or 7 to where I eventually just gave up knowing there was no point if its cheating inside the system it lives in because it knows all the data.

Also, another way to prove it is if you’re beating it pretty good, all of a sudden it starts breaking everything perfectly frame 1, because whatever code says put up x resistance at x time.

I don’t have any video of it, I just recently realized how to record on xbox and probably don’t have the patience to play the computer anymore.