The Climb Back To Killer Seems Impossible

I feel as if the grind back to Killer Ranked is almost impossible now. I’ve been going at it for a few days now, and made it all the way to Gold Tier…and that’s were it got worse…I remember the Devs said that matches after the reset would be a little dishonest, and that wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t seem like the ranking system punishes you even harder than before for losing. I literally played for about 5 hours to get 116 points to my name, only to lose 5 or 6 games and you’re back to square one again…it’s frustrating and makes me feel that getting back my Killer Rank isn’t worth the hassle. Anybody else feel this way? Are you satisfied with the what the reset has done? I’m not bashing you IG, it just feels like it’s harder than before to get that rank back…


Haven’t tried myself but I hope its true. I don’t want everyone to be killer again neither do I wanna reach it in like 2h.


New League System/Reset:

-The actuals Killers are the real pros/hard competitors.
-Feels hard now even get to Gold.
-Depends of the match, you lose few points compared to the points gained for a victory (I gain like 6X per match, and lose 6-8, depending).

-So many pros are still Bronze/qualifiers==>Smurfs inc.
-At Every reset, every killer has now a free requalify==>Smurf inc.

I tried, and it’s real hard now xD.

Maybe in 1-2 weeks, it will be more easier.

I don’t think these are actual problems. The first one will clear up in a couple of weeks, and the second will only happen very, very rarely (no exact word, yet).

Even though I made into Silver last nigh, it wasn’t particularly easy (12-6), and I like it. It’s frustrating at first, sure, but the leagues should now mean a little more than they used to, and that’s a good thing. I just want my Gold league to be able to play FT2 sets, after that I don’t really care.

I’m more upset over the “one and done” matches I have to keep dealing with. It doesn’t give me enough time to read my opponent’s habits.


Just like last time, it is going to be a while before everyone gets back in place.

Getting to Killer was easier because you had so many Bronze and Silver players to fight.
But right now bronze and silver players are actually Golds and Killers who just haven’t played enough yet.

Once everyone has finished qualifying, the Bronze tier will sort itself out, then silver, then gold, then Killer.


It’s entirely possible that they’re attempting to set the Killer bar far higher than they initially did, and that you just don’t make the cut with your abilities/habits as they currently are. Seeing as though a huge amount of the feedback when Leagues was first introduced was about Killers not being the pro tier people thought it’d be, that’s probably for the best, right?



But for now, pros are still in silvers/qualifiers, and it really…hard to climb now.

Wouldn’t most pros just qualify into gold?

I think, yes.
But there are still most of them on half Silvers right now.

I qualified as a silver and coasted right through it in ~12 hours with a win/loss record of 39/9 to get to the gold tier. Figuring that a lot of those players that I beat were formerly killers themselves and seeing that the gold tier was only another 1,000 points (despite the 2 out of 3 change), I thought it would be a cake walk.

Oh, how wrong I was…

I’m now currently 8/8 on my gold tier win/loss record with a meager 35 points. Of those losses, I can recall 7 of them vividly - I have fought the best Shago I have ever seen, the best Rash I have ever seen, the best Arbiter I have ever seen, a 1-star top 32 player twice (the same guy), and a 4-star top 32 player twice (the same guy).

…and I am absolutely hating it.

Which is why I think I’m going to wait for a while for things to even out. I’m going to let the killers get to killer, where they belong, and then start from there to work my way back up to there myself. What concerns me is that those killers may never actually stay there. A lot of them will decide to requalify, possibly every month, or take a hiatus and get knocked back down to gold - where I’m currently stuck.

IMO, the devs didn’t make it just make it harder for everyone. They made it near impossible! Even worse, the newer you are, the harder it is for you (which I suppose is common sense). If things don’t clear up by the end of the month, I’m likely to give up ever trying ranked leagues again, kiler rank be damned.

…and therein lies the problem, I think. If players don’t believe they have a shot or can’t get anywhere, we’re going to lose a large portion of our new player base, especially if they don’t seek out advice or help (and you’d be surprised at how doggedly determined some people are when trying to figure things out on their own). I can personally attest that if I hadn’t looked up Infil’s guide, I would be nowhere near where I am now - I went months not having a clue as to how this game actually works in many respects (and I had placed in multiple fighting game leaderboards prior to coming here to play Killer Instinct).

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Fighting Games are the single most competitive games in the world. There is no team-work, there is no map-knowledge, there is no hiding, no “almost won”, 1 person will LOSE, 1 person will WIN. New players should completely understand that they are NOT guaranteed a spot in a fighting game leaderboard.

As for your issue, i agree, but i am using this opportunity to get better. I am having a great time fighting Sumerall, SaltGod, Menzo, and some of the best Season 3 players so far. Even though i am currently 34-58, i can FEEL myself getting better and better.

i was worried that i may not make it back to killer tier, but now i am sure i can do it once things even out.


Nope, not true. While it’s rare, it’s entirely possible to get a double knockout (i.e., a tie). :wink:

(pokes the winky face in the eye)


Oh no! My eye!!! I can’t see! I can’t see! I can’t see! :dizzy_face: Why would you do that!?

Im not keeping this up. but good response. lol

Sounds awesome! Killer was a cake walk before - I’d love if it feels like an achievement this time around.

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I’m so happy that I’m not the only one who has been frustrated with this, nor the only one who was getting discouraged. I actually Qualified into Gold and the same as I did the last time, and I thought it would be a cake walk, as it took me only a few hours to get past Gold last year, but oh no… I was either getting Crazy LCD, KyLengend, or any of the other pros or Rash after Rash (you can’t deny he and Kim Wu are godtier right now).

For the first few days, I stayed sadly at 0 points. I FINALLY started getting wins again and now I’m like 120 points into Gold. I’ve decided just to wait it out until all the Top 32s are back into their position.

I don’t get it though… how the H.E.L.L. did Crazy get Silver and me Gold though?

Actually Twins Red and Blue Riptor do it all the time. It’s almost always Double KO. Must be a Twin thing.

A tie results in a rematch. Therefore someone will always win and one will lose.

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