The Climb Back To Killer Seems Impossible

Unless they tie over and over again till the end of time.

Then it lasts until one person disconnects.

The idea is that it’s suppose to be really hard now because everyone’s in the same leagues now.
you’re not getting as much points either since most of the people you’ll be fighting aren’t Killers.

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In a week it’ll go back to being as easy as it was before. Right now you just have killers keeping people down in the lower tiers. Seriously, pro star bronze players?? I get that the qualifying matches place people in weird ways but come on.


Yeah give it a week or more. Things "should " even out.

It’s a bit of a blow to the ego. I’m sitting in Silver and creeping slowly up. I qualified in bronze and flew up through it in less than 2 hours. I’m used to thinking of myself as a low tier Killer, but I’m playing a totally new character (Tusk) and honestly right now theirs like what, 15 people in Killer? It’s not going to be the way it was before and you aren’t going to go on a lucky tear in gold and stumble up to killer with the best of 3 Gold rank matches. It seems like they are making Gold the new “low tier Killer” rank, which is kind of what people were asking for.

It’s tough, I know, because I’m having trouble not being disheartened by it as well. But as long as you are getting good matches, that’s all you can really ask for. The part that bugs me now is I get silver guys who are not great that I destroy, qualifiers who are lights out and Bronze players with multiple pro stars. I probably would say that it was a mistake to not just stick anyone with a pro star in Killer off the bat. But otherwise, this is just sort of what had to happen.

What worries me a little bit more is that although there are lots of people in ranked right now I don’t know if there is enough momentum to keep it populated with players who are not top 32 contenders. Right now on the leaderboards my mid-silver 0.500 win percentage Tusk is up over 50 on the Tusk leaderboards. I wouldn’t pretend that makes me good, in fact the opposite. It is ranking based on number of wins in ranked. The fact that fewer than 50 people are playing more Tusk than me in Ranked matches has me a bit worried about the health of the population…

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Qualify was a bit of a let down for me as I started 5-1 , then got matched up with some good players and ended 6-4.

Doing well in bronze now at 5-1. Hopefully will move up fast when I get back on later tonight.

I’m enjoying the challenge of the new ranking system so far. I am in agreement that the previous ranking system to Killer felt a little easy. I made it to Killer even and was able to beat some other Killers but still felt like I wasn’t very good. I’m using only Rash in ranked this time around and am on the cusp of getting to Silver.

…but I’m not getting good matches. I’m being matched with people who are worlds better than me (and that’s saying a lot considering my actual skill level) - for example, I’ve run into at least 4 different top 32 players on my way up through silver and into gold (and some of those twice over).


This. First everyone and their moms were Killers. Now everyone and their moms are top 32 non-killers.

It is much harder to get killer status now. before it was way too easy, so this make the ranks matter a little more. I am glad to know that I wasn’t the only one getting discouraged though. Its way tougher this time around, and that is a good thing… Last year i qualified in Killers within the first day. Now im working my ■■■ off to get there. Now at least when i know im going against killer status that they are really good. Before, it didnt necessarily mean that because it was so easily achieved.

just adding myself to the list hoping for a roll back option in next patch, don’t like climbing up rank again :frowning:

hope it doesn’t come off as whiny

i think rank leagues are perfect as they are right now, season 2 was way to easy and pretty much everyone was a killer.

i will love if someday they implement something a la HearthStone were you start at rank 25 and you climb all the way to rank 1 and if you go pass that then you enter the “Legend (killer)” ladder.

I disagree. I’m already seeing how much harder it is to progress through gold tier. Assuming it stays that way, I’m going to hate taking a break from ranked leagues once I reach killer tier (which, if it continues to be as hard as it has been to get to, I might actually do just that) only to realize that 1 month later I’ve been dropped to the bottom of gold tier again for inactivity for something I’ve already earned. It’s, IMO, wrong and further disrupts the whole rank = skill aspect that I’ve been arguing since the initial news regarding the rank reset and changes.

Going through the gold ladder is hard. I have only 182 points. All the people I lost were Top 32 guys.

That’s more than I have. The highest I’ve gotten to was about 100 and I’m now currently hovering between 35 and 0… :’(

i dont really care if you disagree, im stating my own opinion, i think is perfect as it is right now, if you lose your rank because of inactivity is your own fault, and i dont see how that “disrupts” the rank skill aspect, the fact that you achieved gold or killer rank doesnt mean that you can just seat back and relax and keep your rank forever, ranks and leaderboards dont work that way.

…and why not? If I’ve earned killer rank, I should always be able to say that that’s what I did, since it’s supposed to represent skill. Being put back into gold tier just makes it represent skill even less than it already does (and for the same reason, so does requalifying). It becomes all about getting to the top and less about an individual’s actual skill, if you know what I mean.

Here’s an example - they don’t take a gold medal away from an Olympian for winning at the Olympics 50 years ago. And sure, they don’t take away the top 32 stars away from those who’ve earned them (which is a good thing, BTW), but using a similar example, they don’t take away junior league trophies away from little kids (i.e., the rest of us) because they stopped playing just because they haven’t yet become the best in the whole world.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I’m fine with the whole de-rank into gold as long as there is something within the game that I can use to show others that permanently shows the highest rank I’ve ever achieved (basically, a star that’s not a star - even if it’s some obscure stat hidden in a menu somewhere on the leaderboards, that would be fine), regardless of season.

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comparing Ranked leagues to The Olympics? really?
all you are asking here is keeping your bragging rights, get to top 32 and THEN you get to keep it.

Same applies to other games like Hearthstone, if you get to “Legend” all you get is a card back and thats it, unless you make that your default card back no one is gonna know that you were a Legend Rank.