The bonus character of season 3

Please not another BIG character. That’s all i ask.

Second idea, though probably not a popular one…

Eyedol’s Mom. No, I’m not joking.

In the original arcade ending, she was just a SF2 parody, but what if they took a much drastic approach with the idea of a creator of a warlord who’s got beef with Gargos? What if, Eyedol’s mother was actually a shapeshifter, someone who manipulates and controls, all while hiding unseen. Then when hearing of Gargos trying to plan a takeover, since she plans to weaken him first, she creates her own Shadow Lord, that being Billy, or Eyedol The Berserk as enemies will now call him. Years of him making a mark as a savage, he finally challenges Gargos as planned, however she underestimates the true power of the devil, as he slays Billy in one fierce attack, thus forming the split headed monster we see now. Unaware of Eyedol’s return, she plans to trick others to defeat Gargos, so that she can proceed with her original scheme. Otherwise inspired by the tale of Beowulf and Grendal basically.

Play style, could either go with one of two ways.

  1. She mimics everyone among the roster, sorta like Double from SG
  2. She has pre made forms to change from, maybe 3 like ARIA (A grapler, zoner, and balanced type perhaps?)

Visual sketch of what I’d picture she’d look like

Nice idea

Clone-ish I guess would be a better description. Shadow Jago originally being a clone copy of Jago gameplay wise, now has a updated move set. Omen being a mix of both Jago and Sabrewulf in some animations and moves. Thats what I was trying to refer to.

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Oh Okay its because a clone is dark pit and pit in smash bros or mario and dr mario.

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You guys haven’t seen Eyedol’s backstory in the DE yet have you? (click the arrow in the quote box to expand & see the images)

Well, since Eyedol was human and was a Watchman like Tusk, maybe his mother was too and hates what her son became when he became the ogre warlord?


In all honesty, read it a few minutes ago…

kinda kills the idea of him having a mother I’ll admit, but just thought the idea might’ve been somewhat interesting, especially since it’d be taking a goofy joke and making it into something much more fleshed out.

Not entirely…maybe the way you were conceiving her, but there could be something there. Like I said, maybe she was another Watchman like Tusk (because there are apparently more now) and saw the whole change and now that he’s awakened she vows to try to turn him back from what he’s become or end him. they could also work in the whole “gave him his club for his birthday” thing as part of his lore…and not jokingly either. So she’d likely be another ancient warrior character…maybe a battlemage? Or Hey!!! maybe SHE’s the magic archer that keeps getting brought up??? That’d be awesome!!


Or she too was corrupted by astral energy or by eyedol turning on her and became the medusa/magic archer character forcing her to hide her existence for centuries.


What if… she became the protagonist of Season 4? A wondering nomadic mother, and former watchman trying to come to grips that her son is a shadow of his former self. Wonder what the creators would think of this whole concept.


Only thing I worry about with Kelvin (or Meltdown, as I really wish they’d call him), is that if he’s one of Glacius comrades, will he really look all that unique? Shago looks unique because of the little details they were able to give him like a different looking sword, mask, etc. But Glacius doesn’t have clothes or weapons. How do you make a different version exactly?

FWIW though, I think this could be a cool character. Maybe he can extend his arm to pull people in ala KI Gold? That’d be sweet. :slight_smile:

I think Human Sabrewulf makes a ton of sense. For one thing, it’s the entire goal of Sabrewulf’s story. I think it’d be nice to see him finally accomplish his goal.

As for his look? I think that it could be a mixture of the two ideas you had. Wolverine’s claws plus a sort of mad scientist vibe. Maybe throwing potions that affect the opponent in different ways could be part of it. Maybe he has some unique claw moves as well. I’d be shocked if they couldn’t recycle animations here and there from other characters to cobble together a very unique fighter without having to add a ton of new stuff in that defeats the whole idea of him being a “bonus character.”

Ah yes!! This is definitely one of my favorites too. Just calling him Ben Farris, and have him being this military guy with an attitude and a bunch of gadgets that can be refashioned from what other characters have… I think he could be a TON of fun if done properly. I’d take him and Human Sabrewulf over Ent Aganos, Shark TJ and virtually any other bonus version of existing characters. Either one would be awesome!

I could see a shadow version that uses old Orchid’s lasaken projectile, but I tend to struggle a bit in terms of imagining what else she might do. Still, I see Jago having this type of rival. It seems to only make sense that the leading female in the game should have one as well. I’m sure IG would knock it out of the park too. So yeah, I wouldn’t have a problem with this character.

Adam Isgreen also mentioned Shadow Maya and Shadow Kim Wu as possibilities… Shadow Maya doesn’t really make sense to me as she already has a sort of evil doppelganger in Mira, but Kim Wu would make a ton of sense given that she’s the chosen one. It’d be kinda cool if there was an evil chose one too. Maybe Shadow Kim uses a trifold staff, is more quiet, her hair covering half of her face, and she’s more of a master of her craft… Basically everything Kim’s not. I could see a character like this working depending on her move set.

Two bonus characters? I certainly wouldn’t mind two bonus characters. The more, the merrier. But if you think that season 3 not getting one either entitles us to two in the next season or somehow makes the idea more of a possibility, I’d say that you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. I’d love to see a bonus character, I’d love to see two or three or four for that matter. But hey, if it happens, cool. If not, I’m sure we’ll get some other great stuff. :slight_smile:

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Well one thing they mentioned about Glacius in his bios is that his race isn’t just a bunch of ice people…they can manipulate virtually any environmental matter they choose, which is why Glacius can be icy but Cinder, whose using his DNA, is fire. So essentially another “glacius” could be made up of about anything… carbon for example…which would be awesome considering how many forms carbon can take from graphite to armor to diamonds.


Oh RIGHT! I totally forgot about that. Because actual Glacius isn’t ice at all, it’s the environmental matter. Good call there. Thanks for reminding me. I’d hope that it’d be something totally different from Glacius. They already have a sand guy, a fire guy, and ice guy and rock guy though… Diamond could be cool, but that might look too similar to Glacius.

Yeah… That’s a tough one. They could make him look like anything and I’m totally drawing a blank lol.

Not diamond…carbon. I know there isn’t much of a distinction there, but carbon can take on all kinds of shapes & designs besides just diamond. I mean they could throw in a few diamond moves that would basically mimic Galcius’s moves, but from there they have plenty of options.

So essentially, Glacius’ people are elemental beings. If that’s the case then…

I thought of an interesting theory. Could it be that Aganos is from Glacius’ planet? He seems to be quite a noble character and as one of Glacius’ playercard taunts states: My people are not violent.


I’ll just leave this here