The almost impossible

I’ve defeated the unconquerable:

Pre-patch by the way.


I don’t get it. What’s the big deal?

do not use this thread to flame, please.

Sorry. Deleted my message.

You mean him beating ITA MASTER, the guy with as many pro stars as have been available since ranked started?
To players like me & @VladKravich it’s kinda like saying you made Superman bleed.


Two things:

  1. Why did you pick the bland color?

  2. Look at all that zoning. :expressionless:

Honestly, I don’t remember. I pick different colors every match.

Glacius is a zoner.

Last one was sarcasm.

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Gotcha and I see what you did there too. :wink:

Awww, somebody sees me.

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Hate to rain on your parade, but once you’re ingame few people will actually give a damn what you’re doing with your life outside of it. You’re either winning or losing–your degree has nothing to do with that.


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“Winning at life” by a subjective measure has nothing to do with winning in a game by an objective measure, though.


They’re pre-programmed images of stars. They’re as worthless as the achievements you get from Xbox Live. Do they put food on your table? Give you a disposable income? Help take care of your family? Help make you any smarter? Have more of a social life? No, they don’t…

Besides, the guy’s gotta lose some time - even he’s not perfect. This just happens to be 1 of those times. I beat Maximillian and CStyles - am I proud of it? Yes, I am. But I don’t make such a big deal out of it, because I realize that in the end, it’s still just a game.

None of those other things make you better at the game that this forum is about.


Game is the key word here. That’s all it is. You can win at Monopoly or Jenga, another video game, a tabletop roleplaying game, or a even complete a Rubix cube. When you’re done though, you don’t get anything truly substantial from it other than your own personal satisfaction. While that’s good, it literally ends there. Unless you’re a pro getting paid for it, it’s not worth doing it for anything else.

Whatever you say, dude.

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I play this game because I enjoy it, and for purely no other reason, because doing it for any other reason would, realistically, be complete folly. It, like playing any other game, is a waste of time. Then again, that’s why we do it - to pass the time and feel good about ourselves. I’m happy that Vlad is happy - I’m simply saying that it pretty much ends there. At the end of the day, the world will keep spinning whether he beats the guy or not. It makes no difference to the world at large.

This is a Ki forum.

A thread about someone who is proud to beat a good player.

This is no place to talk about what you do instead of playing all day, and you have no evidence to belive about anyone doing it and wasting his life(or not).

Nobody of this thread cares about what you do outside the game. We are talking about Ki, not a degree you are taking or whatever. It’s offtopic

Please, back on topic