Thank you for Shadow Survival

Not as annoying to fight as the cpu, not as stressful as ranked, but it allows steady, semi-competitive players like myself a nice middle ground to take any and every character out for a few rounds against human-ish players w/o lag or extra online stress. Best mode ever, a hidden gem in the grand scheme of this game and fighting games at large.


So true…too bad they made all opponents using the same purple “skin”, before it was better, imho, sort of an online simulator also for silver users.


Yeah, I LOVE this mode as a halfway measure between humans and AI, for pretty much all the same reasons as you list. The AI is absolutely annoying to fight against and frankly teaches me nothing. Fighting humans is great, of course, but sometimes waiting for match searching can be a bit laborious, especially when it’s kind of dead hours. Plus waiting for character select, stage select, and so on. And then only to find that the person I’m matched with is either far below me or far above me in skill. (Of course, fighting tough players can teach you a lot, but sometimes you just want a nice, even matchup of someone roughly your skill level.)

Shadow survival is there for me any time I want it and no lag and no waiting. And by selecting tiers I have a little bit of control on “difficulty levels” so any character I play as I can get a reasonable challenge. For an intermediate player like me, this mode is probably the biggest attraction to the game for me.


Agreed: Shadow survival is a great mode to jump in and even to train other characters and you can also grind levels if you want in a more entertaining way.

I used to like the AI in the old KIs, but this KI I prefer to play against people. I have more fun that way, and people will fall for overheads, lol.

Congrats for this mode. I do believe shadows are very cool concept in KI.


Yes i’ve been using it to grind shadow points and it’s great. The only problem i have is since i’ve started playing on pc because microsoft shafted me out of a normal controller and an elite controller with their crappy breaking products i’ve run into some shadows that actually crash the game. Which sucks because i was like in the 500 bracket on a long streak and blam crash.

Shadow survival is great, the only thing that annoys me is the “failed to retrieve shadow from the Ultratech servers, do you want to try again? Y/N”

Press yes, nothing.

Press no, also nothing.

Repeat the process several times and it works for some arbitrary reason, I wondered if this was maybe because the shadows it’s searching the servers for have been recently deleted and it hasn’t updated the servers yet?

Still though, I love the mode and this is the only minor nitpick I have a problem with.


Would be cool if we cna change the color of our shadows to, but honestly it is a wonderful mode :>

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I just press “No” every time. “Yes” has never worked for me. But “No” works… I don’t even know what the point of asking is (there doesn’t seem to be any consequences whatsoever from selecting “No”). Not sure if it’s the same for everyone else.

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“No” works sometimes, usually after about the seventh try, seventh tries the charm, maybe? Usually I just keep cycling buttons until it decides to move onto the next shadow, I can’t figure out any rhyme or reason to it, other than my aforementioned theory of deleted shadows.


Same that’s how I got it to work. No problems.

The one question I have for @developers is whether we will someday be able to avenge lost shadowlords fights loaded in shadow history. I know that each character that won against my shadow may not be a registered shadow, but a lot of them are- and it’s useless to view the replay if I can’t go back in and challenge the recorded fight with those in the loss list.


So very much this, they junk up your bounty list something terrible, too, with no option to even delete them.


I must really suck at this game as I find the Shadows to be stressful to fight most of the time because everyone of them combo breaks constantly and is insanely cheap. I’ve never played online multiplayer as I don’t have Live Membership but when I fight shadows I’m left like either 1. I REALLY SUCK, lol. OR 2. I have really bad luck that I almost never get people at my own skill level? Is literally every one online better at this game than me? I really just thought that Shadows were the AI mimicing somewhat what the person recorded but then dialing them up to Kyle Difficulty because they always seem to predict and counter/break whatever I do. I win a good amount of the time as long as I stick to lowest tier or am playing SL on Normal mode with my best guardians to buff me.

Depends but yeah they can be annoying little countering ■■■■■■■■ lol, use a lot of counter breakers when they get like that.

They shouldn’t be if you’re starting shadow survival fresh every time, only if you pay to skip tiers, though I don’t think shadows are ever the perfect definition of an actual player.

Mine for instance exhibits some really odd behaviour and movement which I could swear I didn’t teach her. If a shadow is relatively “young” (in other words, doesn’t have many recordings under its belt) yet the player has been very good/lucky at breaking, then that’s what you’ll see an awful lot, because it doesn’t have enough varied recordings of when the player has struggled to break, yet.

I repeatedly say I’m kind of a mediocre or intermediate player, so I’m not pretending I’m superb at the game… but shadows really shouldn’t be THAT hard. I don’t find them “cheap” at all. I mean, what is your definition of “cheap”? If you mean they’re like spamming moves (which indeed real humans do), then that’s kind of on you to adapt to it and learn how to counter it. I don’t think they combo break all the time at all (the normal AI on higher difficulties indeed DOES combo break like CRAZY… but not shadows). The combo break percentages are pretty much based on what the human’s combo break percentage is, so there’s not really any kind of “AI combo break bonus” or anything.

I mean, you could frame it as you “REALLY SUCK”-ing, but I think it’s just an opportunity to grow and get better at the game. I can personally attest to the fact that this is not something insurmountable or that should really be a cause of massive frustration. I find the shadows far “tamer” than real humans. The name of the game is learning to adapt to the tendencies (most importantly, the weaknesses!) of the shadows and also uncovering the weaknesses of your own game and addressing them. Shadows are overall a lot more predictable than humans are because they will NEVER adapt their game within a single match. If you can find something to read/exploit/counter against the shadow (they jump too much, they don’t block low, they use unsafe special moves, etc.), they will never switch up tactics.


Unlikely, if the player who beat your shadow doesn’t have a shadow of the character they used to beat yours then what are you meant to play against?

You really have to read to have the knowledge for a reply.

Are you trying to say that you want to be able to play a rematch against a Shadow which beat you in Shadow Lords mode? Because that’s not the most obvious way of interpreting your post at all.

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The only thing that is cheap about the shadows is when you try to do a counter breaker. They will breakout in the same spot 7 times, and the one time you try a counter breaker they dont. Then will break the rest of them in the same spot as before. I have fought over 200 shadows and have done less than 5 successful counter breakers. This is not from lack of trying.