Textual stream: Bring it back!

Long ago, I really liked the textual streams a lot. It was a good moment to take new information about incoming news from the game and they were very fun to read.

So, I whould like to invite mr @TempusChaoti to bring back textual streams. You can still choose what questions you want to answer, and after seeing Kim, Arbiter and new mechanics, we are hungry for info! Please, it whould be awesome!!

As the same rules as always, one question per user:
What do you think about giving Omen more colors and accesories, and maybe a retro?


I think they’re still going in the form of the Patch Notes and Back-stories, but when S3 gets into full swing I agree that text streams need to be revived.

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With the reveals at KIWC and who knows what else before and up until launch, I don’t think the textual streams would be needed. However, after launch I could see them coming back for incremental updates about development. I know IG said they were approaching Season 3 differently than Season 2. I would expect different delivery than we are use to.

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I’d like to see these return now, as I really enjoy them, but my guess is that they’ve shown all they can really talk about for now, so we might just be in an awkward “post showing lull” for the time being.

I do hope that they come back though, preferably once season 3 returns and maybe even right beforehand to drop some hints and show some pics of a few things in progress, maybe even answer some questions.


I really thought they would make one yesterday since this month is supposedly full of announcements but ok, maybe next week.


Hell yeah! Totally forgot about the textual streams. Bring’em back ASAP!!


Absolutely I was gonna make a post about this! I miss textual streams…they were beautiful


Gotta wait for March, buddy. It’s not far, I promise.

Is it tomorrow?! You said tomorrow right?! WOOHOO! I’m so hyped for tomorrow!

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