Terror pack?

While I do support and understand the while KI gold thing. The prices are on the high side because they are new. I will bet that once they all are released that there will be a way to buy all of them at a discount. This is what I am waiting for.

Maybe you could have used KI gold, if they didn’t start putting it the daily rewards, then we could have used it to buy gold packs and other skins.

I think that this is an unfortunate result of the insane amount of KI gold they gave out with the ultra edition–going on what it’s priced at in the ingame store, I have over 300 dollars worth of KI gold right now. I doubt I’ll ever run out.

If there were more good uses for KI gold aside from turning on easy mode in shadow lords and unlocking accessories you’re too impatient to get through progression, it might not sting as much that the skins are real money only.

No one told them to offer their in-game currency as a daily giveaway though - that was their choice, and doesn’t change the fact that the currency when purchased was billed as a way to buy in-game content. Now that there is in-game content that is specifically gated to not be purchasable with KI Gold, I feel that they are trying to double dip and I won’t support it.

I get it. The KI Gold from the Shadow Jago fund and S3 Ultra release are sunk costs, and the suits are probably loath to provide objectively new content and have people just buy it with some pseudo-currency that doesn’t affect the here-and-now bottom line. Again, I’m not angry at the attempt - the purpose of the company is to make money, and this is probably a good way to do it. But neither am I obligated to condone with my wallet a business practice that I don’t agree with.

The price of the skin packs doesn’t actually bother me. I’m at a point in my life where a $5 pack of nonsense accessories for a videogame is about the same as a $2 or $3 pack of nonsense accessories for a videogame. If they charged me $5 in KI Gold for the packs and I’d run out, I’d happily purchase $5 worth of KI Gold and buy myself some new skins. But I won’t support the model of “your purchasable in-game currency [that heretofore has had a direct exchange rate with real money] now only works for x, y, and z items”. I wish them success in the rollout of these skins, but I won’t contribute to what I feel is an unsavory business model.


The sad part is they will probably never directly answer this question either about ki gold. @rukizzel got anything to say on the devaluation of KI gold.

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Just as a note, I also don’t support tagging the devs every time we disagree with a business (or even gameplay) decision that gets made. The devs have shown many, many times that they actively browse the forum and its various topics, and I think pinging them all the time isn’t a good way to repay their incredible level of engagement with the community.

Business decisions get made; oftentimes, those decisions probably come from people higher on the food chain than our gracious hosts here on the forums. Haranguing them (in general, not necessarily directed at you) about decisions that get made 2 or 3 levels above them isn’t going to solve anything either.


Lol get in line. I wrote about the KI Gold issue a year ago.

KI Gold to buy Characters

The worst part about this is the devs and everyone were saying you better buy KI Season 3 by pre ordering or on day 1 in order to get the huge KI Gold bonus. “You’re going to need it for later on in the season.” Had I known they would still not let you buy things in game with KI gold I would have never pre ordered. I feel so cheated on that front.

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Maybe they assumed everyone would have used all their gold on the exclusive guardian packs, mimic and shadow skins.

Funny you mention that: I’ve actually gotten kinda paranoid about tagging devs. I’m frightened by the possibility that I’ve wound up on some sort of developer blacklist because I pinged them too liberally when I first found the pinging feature :stuck_out_tongue:
So now I only use it as a point of reference, like if I’m using something they said as evidence for a theory or argument, and even then it’s usually equipped with the quote itself.

Even if there are things that I’d want to discuss with them, I’m gonna go ahead and keep it to forum posts that they may or may not read.

I’d get back on topic but I’m a bit too tired to check and remember what the topic is. :joy:

I’m not going to buy any of these until I can spend my gold on them.


I agree with @xCrimsonLegendx and @CRIS178

I thought this skin was already out for Mira didn’t she have that joker face already??? We didn’t pay for the Christmas costumes did we? Or did we? I might have forgotten.

You should be able to use your gold… This is why we brought the ultimate edition and was given gold no?

Kis structure and delivery is a complete mess at the moment. No idea why this has been dropped now.

Shouldn’t this have come for Halloween?? Like overwatch terror pack or Halloween pack did? Maybe Christmas should have been lighter more hero based or even snow combat armour?

I’m buying them like everything elss to support that game but come on MS if there is something that’s NOT lacking in this game it’s skins and colours!!! If you going to work on them then at least changs the costumes a together like overwatch has.

Now these are costumes why don’t they just save the time and create somthing New!! I think my point is:

  1. We have plenty of colours 10 us each plus retros
  2. Colours are great when purchasing merchandise
  3. Everything should be buyable in gold
  4. Skip skins and concentrate on costumes that we’d LOVE
  5. Time your delivery with the seasons Halloween etc
  6. Tie up information is season 3 over? Is SL packs the only new content to be buyable with put ultimate / shadow Jago gold?
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Terror packs are color skins like mimic/shadow or they are another set of items that you can costumize with other items? or is a different costume like the new one that thunder got?

Btw - I don’t mind characters being purchase only - however skins/accessories/colours are exactly the kind of thing KI Gold was for.

Sometimes I give up with this community. I agree with the pricing and gold but complaining that it’s stuff with don’t want/need. Then in other threads asking why were not getting them?


To be fair this is what was on the pricing announcement FAQ:

What can the KI Gold which comes with the Ultra Edition be used for?

KI Gold can be used to unlock accessories, customization colors for fighters, Retro Costumes, Profile customization, and XP Boosters.


Is there anything available for me to spend my KI Gold on this season if I already have unlocked all the current, available items?

Yes, there will be.

Awesome, what can you tell me about it?

…stay tuned…

They haven’t really broken any promises. It’s just a weird disconnect now with content that doesn’t work with in-game currency. I could see how that might irk people as the Gold bonus was an incentive to purchase it. To me the KI Gold I got when I bought it seems completely useless to me, as I’d rather not use it on something I can earn, the KI Gold item pricing in-game is a pretty bad value in terms of the content it unlocks based on the KI Gold monetary conversion, and I don’t want to spend any yet not knowing what’s coming that it could be used for.

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Id love loads of new costumes for each character, but I think the problem is them having to make accessories to with them.

Unless they do what they did with thunders new costume and have it with no accessories which I’m fine with

Mira has a beetlejuice inspired colour 9, the terror pack variant is more a joker colour.

Hahaha, while I agree Blizzard makes great costumes and I’d love to see that type of quality in KI something tells me the budgets between the two games are vastly different from one another.

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Massively I’d imagine… so in my opinion I’d say don’t do as much but what you do should be amazing! instead it seems that we are paying for colour ways when Blizzard are giving costume away free.

Yes this! Exactly this.

I did make a post on a different thread a while back when I first found out that these skins would not be purchasable with KI gold, saying similar things to this and how it completely devalued the in game currency and how it has become worthless, as you can only purchase things that you can already unlock in game.
Whats the point of KI gold now??/ Also you can actually exchange real money for this KI gold which they are now saying has a lot less value which to me is wrong.

I have bought the terror pack because of a character I play is in it and I will buy one more pack for my other main but very begrudgingly. Now if I could buy them with KI gold I would buy them all then go back and buy more KI gold and keep doing it until I have all content when they release it. I feel that they are shooting themselves in the foot a little. People spend KI gold faster and looser when they have it more so than real money, then when something else that comes out that they want to restock, repeat. Ending up spending more in the long run…Is that not the free to play business model???

I don’t mind characters being a separate thing locked behind a real money pay wall but totally disagree with skins.

I think it would be less annoying if they had already released lots of skins/accessories that the ki gold could be used on - to have the only new skins/colours to be released since the KI gold was given out to be behind an additional paywall is infuriating.

The problem with comparing to overwatch is, that game’s microtransactions are designed in a way to get whales to dump hundreds of dollars into it to unlock what they want. It’s always going to be profitable for them to release a bunch of skins at once for an event because the unlocks are randomized, and people will buy dozens of crates at once to ensure they unlock all the event skins before they go away. Also, the sheer number of fluff items like sprays, voice lines, and player icons means that unlocking skins through progression is painfully, dreadfully slow.

I agree that these KI skins are overpriced and it sucks that people can’t use their gold to buy them, but I’ll take that over the way overwatch does it any day. It’d be bad enough in a free to play game, but I spent 40 dollars on that game just as the price of entry.