KI Gold to buy Characters

Seriously, why isn’t this a thing! I have plenty of unused KI gold I want to use but don’t want to buy accessories. Why can’t I buy characters with in game currency! Why can every other free 2 play game use in game currency but KI. It’s been months since I’ve tried to bring this to the attention of the forum but is always ignored. Why can’t KI do what the most successful video game on the planet, League of Legends, does! I can buy in game money in League and buy characters costumes and more but not KI! Heck I bet SFV will do this even before KI does.

Well, in simplest terms, it’s because IG and MS would likely lose money as a result. For example, when you get the game, you automatically get a certain amount of gold to start with - if that alone was enough to get, say a “free” character, then they would lose money on their end (and to be more accurate, they wouldn’t gain any MORE money). If that were to happen, that would actually be bad for everyone, including us. If they don’t make enough money, then that would mean that development would suffer, and we wouldn’t be getting so many cool updates virtually every month (granted it has slowed down as of late, but it’s pretty obvious why that’s occurred).

You also have to remember that overall, League of Legends and Street Fighter are huge franchises, both of which have a massive following through their respective fans. Killer Instinct on the other hand, is relatively “new” (I use that term loosely) and is still growing, since it’s basically been dormant for the past 20 years or so as a franchise…

you don’t get free KI gold.

Well, I got free KI gold, so I dunno…

That’s the main reason. But also because they think PC gamers are too greedy if they have free useful content available. It’s a common thinking from console developers.

Just say that to Valve that released for Dota 2 a book called compendium that gave only cosmetical stuff while having all your characters to use for free…just say that to them, expecially after how much they gained in 3 months.

When a developer enters in this mentality and start to open their horizons, well then…it’s time to gain!

How the heck did you get some free KI gold?

… the KI gods favor you child.

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I don’t think anyone received free KI gold… If so I never got mine.

I think it transferred from something else in a (really old) previous update.

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