Terror Pack Cost

How much is the Terror Pack going to cost for us in the Xbox Live Store?

Can’t imagine it being any different that the first gold pack. £3.99 for 3 skins. It’s a crazy price if I’m being honest. But I paid for the gold pack and I’ll pay for the rest so I can’t complain as I’m part of the problem.

In all fairness I’m happy to keep supporting KI and I’m hopeful it’ll lead to a fourth season. :pray:


$5 USD per pack, same with the Gold skins.
Here’s the article

Be sure to check the News section of the forums if you’re curious about news.

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Really I payed $6.99

Oh, so there’s no way to unlock them by playing?
Oops, I’ll have to wait after X mass for the terror pack then.

Euro is different from USD.

I’m confused why I can’t use my KI Gold on these or on the individual skin I’d prefer (Maya).


I second this. I was saving KI gold for these colours and future skins!

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That’s not the Euro symbol XD

Wait…yes it is…is it not? What symbol is that then? Oh…joke…but I don’t get it though.

That’s not the Euro. It’s the British Pound.

This is the Euro

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Thought the brits used euro?

Nope. They use British Pounds.

well there’s that.

Yea I was disappointed by this aswell since I’ve been saving mine. I still got the 19500 from ultra edition and shadow jago pack lol but at least they’re giving us gold pack 2 for free for the definitive edition owners :smile: