Tendencies That Keep Us From Getting Better


While I like that example, neither of Aganos’ jumping lights are particularly fast.


Well that’s an Aganos problem.

On an unrelated note can we all just take a minute to appreciate Aria’s j.hk? It’s a heavy so it has priority, it has the speed of a jab, a hit box the size of her body, is an actually unreactable instant overhead, and leads to juggles on hit which she can either cash out or flip out from.


In Aganos’ case, i feel like that’s just game balance for slow air normals.

He can assault a ground game; the second he jumps he should be offered no respect and challenged, even if it leads to a ground/wall bounce.


I’ve only ever seen 1 ARIA player use that move as effectively as you have described it, by doing it off of the ground (it was amazing, BTW). I practiced it, and realized that it’s not safe on block, though.


True; I can understand wanting to keep his game grounded. It keeps him honest.