TELL THE DEVS: what would you like IG to consider to change about Kim Wu?

this is only for those who have had time to play Kim Wu and have considerable knowledge about her aesthetics to discuss-

Which would you choose as the one thing you’d love to change about Kim Wu?

1- her static shadow firecracker (some feel it should advance her forward)

2- dragon abilities ( some feel the dragon cancel is a bit confusing and button assignment and/or the FP dragon gain ender renders weak opportunities)

3- FP firecracker ender damage ( some feel any combo even including links and shadow linkers end in very low damage potential)

4- dragon kick angles (some feel the confusing angles for different strengths are a little all over the place)

5- hitbox size ( some feel her reach outside of MP is a bit UP)

6- window for counter in QCB+P/ B+MP

7- new property for QCF+P (maybe a low damage dragon projectile )

8- regeneration of dragons in instinct ( some feel it’s slower than a satisfying speed, some feel it should be infinite in instinct like Maya’s daggers or Orchids firecats)

9- nothing, if you feel she is perfectly without flaws

I guess I’d say 5- I think her hitboxes on a lot of her anti-airs need improvement as well as on Shadow Dragon Kick. Her cr. HP is beaten by all sorts of stuff, her AA Dragon Kicks lose or trade with air normals and such.

Second would be 1- Her Shadow Counter probably shouldn’t be whiffing against Jago Laser Sword and Spinal Sword and stuff.

Third would be 6- There should not be a gap in Firecracker when trying to reflect projectiles.

The rest are eh. I guess 3- Firecracker Ender would give her a reason to use it more often and thus actually invest in having Dragons.


Make her taller. She looks tiny. That will solve many reach issues by itself (even her SC perhaps, lol).


No, I like her height just the way it is.


Honestly, as a Kim player, I say this:

  • Dragon Indicator for those people who cannot see the dragons

  • Better CR. HP (seriously, this thing gets beat by EVERYTHING) but it just might be me :open_mouth:

  • Possibly Adjust Shadow Dragon Dance to hit more consistently, so characters cannot block it (Example: Shadow Hail >Kim Instinct Cancel > Shadow Dragon Dance > Glacius manages to block)

  • Shadow Counter getting a full punish, rather than staying in one spot & missing.

Other than that, she’s good!


Here’s a thought, why does she only get one dragon after a level 2+ firecracker ender?

Every other resource dependant character works differently… Spinal, Aganos, specifically. Would she really be considered OP if treated the same?

The firecracker ender already does so little damage to begin with.

… Also being Plus after Parry would be nice! :slight_smile:


magenta coat, is always magenta. /:^[


If her default coat changed with each color, I’d be happy.

As far as gameplay, I’m not sure. It seems kinda hard to open people up off of some pokes. I agree with @TheNinjaOstrich that Shadow Dragon Dance is a bit slow to hit. I can’t hit confirm it off of a heavy normal, since the start up is slow enough that the opponent can block it, similar to some of Arbiter’s stuff as well as Tusk’s sword normals. Kim should be a bit faster than the 8 foot sword wielding warriors. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I want her Cr. HP to launch opponents like Rash and Cinder’s. Her juggles are a lot of fun, but require the opponent to jump or you landing a Dragon Kick. Maybe at least an increase in the size of some of her attack hitboxes. Like vertical increases to make some of her juggles a bit easier and give more variety to what normals you can use.

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The only thing i would really ask for personally would be to have either medium or heavy dragon kick have invulnerability so she would have a real wake up. I think it would really help her when she is trapped in the corner, but that might be too much, i dunno, is it too much to ask for? would it make her a bit OP?

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Thank u . And also her head is still stuck, she seem to has torticolis.


Her face


Yknow what, her level 4 enders barely have a dynamic camera. If they’re gonna do this lvl4 thing then we need some inspired camera angles… let’s fly w/her on those dragon kick enders

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On the dragon kick level 4 Enders I would like to see Kim zoomed in a bit.
I do feel the dragon cannon could use some sound boost/ change

Doing something about her shadow counter would be great.

Also, maybe giving her the ability change the trajectory of her dragon cancels. Even if it was just forward or backwards. Would that be too crazy?


Adjusting that wonky hitbox on Cr.Hp and add some strike invincibility on those medium and heavy dragon kicks please Keits…


I LOVE this character but she has some glaring weaknesses

-Parry sometimes leaves you punishable in situations that it shouldn’t

-Shadow counter whiffs or misses a few of the normal 5 hits vs certain moves/certain situations

-AAs could be better (esp dragon kicks, cr hp not as bad as ppl say)

-damage on dragon ender is VERY poor (they try to make up for it by letting her shadow dragon kick cash out HUGE), and yes it SHOULD be the LEAST damaging ender, but increase the cash out just a bit

-Shadow dragon kick needs an adjusted hitbox (whiffs in certain situations that if prob shouldn’t)

-firecracker sometimes gets hit by projectiles and Kim takes damage from projectiles instead of reflecting

-firecracker cannot reflect Glacius’s shatter (which is now a projectile)

-THIS IS A BIG ONE—shadow dragon dance is too slow to punish opponents appropriately on reaction

****Honestly, most of the tweaks seem very minor and would help the character play more true to her concept


Wow I never knew they allowed Glacius projectile to be unaffected by what was promoted as her projectile counter.

Was she even tested?

Glacius shatter is unblock able. Maybe that’s why.