Teleports/ex cyber dash

I feel Fulgore teleport needs to be more visual something like spinals where u can see a little green on him indicating where he might be. Fulgore teleport is impossible to see on multiple stages. Now cyber dash i will just say this PLEASE tone down the hitbox of this move, it literary is od covering above the head making this move hard to empty jump to avoid. Also if u block the ex full screen cyber dash guess want? You still don’t get a punish and you have to respect Fulgore for doing something completely stupid. Well actually its not stupid because its a full screen move that is safe on block amongst the cast.

It also costs meter which is harder to get than all other characters. Teleport is also supposed to be ambiguous as it employs his cloak.

I’m a Spinal player but felt that should be pointed out.

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Spinals teleport is also twice as fast as Fulgores and can be canceled with skulls. Fulgores teleport is never safe on its own. It can be poked by normals and thrown. Its been the same way for a long time, the only time its even a small issue is online where the animation might get delayed in a laggy match. Blade dash has a large hitbox but Spinal sword special is probably the best anti air in the game. Blade dash’s hitbox isn’t that large unless something changed in S3 its always sometimes traded or beaten jumps. It just depends what you jumped with.

Sullen, you can poke Spinal out of teleports too even with skulls to cancel it, and his soul sword is in no way the best AA in the game, it doesn’t even have upper body invulnerability up until it becomes active unless you spend meter on it, and it is still lower body vulnerable. You also cannot trade a grounded shadow with an aerial attack, even a shadow, as it has higher priority than all jump ins. You might get beaten due to the angle they attack from but cannot trade, it would always go in your favour.

I think Fulgore’s vulnerability while he teleports (and coming out of it) is supposed to be the “catch” to it, but it kind of sucks just having to throw out pokes repeatedly in the hope that Fuglore’s actually teleporting beside you. Nicky uses teleport->teleport->teleport->nonsense for a reason. He doesn’t have to get close to you until he feels like it, which means he’s always maintaining the initiative while he uses that particular shenanigan. I can’t quite say it’s broken or OP because it is always punishable, but at the same it’s really not fun at all, and some characters have a much harder time punishing it than others.

It’s not the blade dash hitbox that annoys me - it’s the blasted ability to pip cancel it into a DP. I see you charging a blade dash from some obscene range and don’t want to deal with your plus on block frames afterwards, so I jump it, and then get tagged by a cancelled DP. That’s bloody annoying. It means Fulgore basically gets to force you into just taking his pressure, and his up close pressure is actually pretty darn good.


No non meter AA should have any invincibility unless its extremely risky. Soul Sword has a HUGE arc that covers a wide area. So yes it is very good at dealing with jumps and I know even with Skulls his teleport is punishable but it’s still faster with the same effect. With skulls he can cancel much faster than Fulgore can.

I’ll lab some stuff tonight. See what I can find on the blade dash but, I haven’t had much issue punishing it. But Ive also played Fulgore forever and a day.

Blade Charge and Ex Blade Charge hitbox does not go above his head. If you get AA’d by it, you literally landed on the blade, which is the only thing the hitbox covers. Take 1 step back outside of the neutral area when you first start a match then you can neutral jump a ex cyberdash on reaction .

But I do agree that it is dumb that fulgore is the only character with a fullscreen move that is + on block.

For his teleport, all of them are punishable it should have more recovery or something. Way too hard to see.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Fulgore having a full screen plus on block shadow move considering that he has much better uses for meter than yoloing it at you. If he wanted to get to you from full screen and be plus on block in your face he has other less meter heavy ways of doing it.

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I think his teleport is fine. It slows down his meter gain and is unsafe, you can interrupt him in revovery. The only way to make it safe is by shoryuken and that is a risk for fulgore as well if you decide to block.

Ex blade charge costs resources so it’s not free, especially for fulgore.

Hes a hard counter for kan ra thats true but thats the nature of playing a trappler.

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Honestly as Spinal or Fulgore, BOTH teleports are not safe on raw. You get your eyes poked and then that leads to your face getting kicked in. You’ll need a big ■■■ band-aid slapped on your forhead by the time that fights over…sorry I’m having breakfast right now and it’s already getting to me…

Basically with both characters you can whapped out of a teleport.

Fun fact I often expect some spinal players to teleport when I play as Fulgore so when they come back up I’m landing on them with a jumping medium kick! Ha-Zah!

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in our set i never hit you with that, but your annoyances with the fulgore have me smiling right now. lol. we had a great battle!

Haha. Yeah, they were fun matches.

But yeah, I hate fighting Fulgore :-p


Fulgores Teleport is way to dumb. You simply can not see him.

There should be a indication where he is going like spinals.

Spinals Teleport is also different cause he can only teleport near you not screen relative.

That is the biggest issue with invisible + screen relative. He can stay in place and you need to guess. Its plain dumb.

Or you can just neutral jump an he cant do much… His teleport hasn’t changed since season 1. No ones complained about it for over a year and now all of a sudden it’s broken? There are plenty of tells where Fulgore will go with his teleports, since I play Fulgore I’m not going to intentionally weaken my characte explaining what I spent time labbing. Spinals teleport isnt screen relative but it is also much faster than Fulgore’s and can punish whiffs a whole lot faster. So there’s a reason his has tells. But even Spinal’s tells are very minor. It can still feel random if he goes left or right.

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He can DP the ever-loving Christmas out of you for it actually. Not going to kill or anything, but he can certainly do this pretty consistently if your standard response to a teleport is simply to jump.

If he teleports behind or in front and you jump back, only a heavy dp might catch you if you jumped late, if you jump as soon as you see an animation, he will miss. I’ve played enough Fulgore mirror, I’ve faced plenty of the teleport DP and my answer to that is jump. I know I said neutral jump but, either way, if he is going for an improperly spaced projectile setup, you can choose to block, or jump into the projectile and eat the knockdown to avoid everything else he was going to do. Yeah he can try to meaty you, but you know what side he is on and there is no projectile pressure from that close since you can quick rise. Watch some matches from the past, Ricky Walker sets, Alex Valle, they tried teleport stuff against a lot of people, it just isn’t the greatest thing in the world. It’s not as good as people are making it out to be. It’s better as the 1 time mixup thing, or projectile setups to make them safer, but it’s definitely not something hard to deal with.

Well, the amount of times you see teleport shenanigans put to use even in very high level play should let you know that it really isn’t just some scrubby tactic that only works on noobs or people unfamiliar with the Fulgore MU. The issue with “I saw a teleport, I’ll jump” is that, again, Fulgore retains all the agency in this situation. He can choose to teleport left, right, or mid however he pleases, and depending on your character’s jump arc he can often set up for a second mixup or just punish it outright for the characters with a floaty jump. If I can make you jump at will every time I teleport, then I can punish the heck out of that.

The best solution to teleport shenanigans is simply to stuff it outright before Fulgore can act when he finally appears next to you. But again, it’s just annoying to deal with, because Fulgore gets to decide when he wants to go in, and you’re largely just stuck dealing with that and hoping you can react quick enough to get the confirm off the snuff.

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its not broken its dumb. Thats a difference.

And in S1 Teleport was a dp motion - so it was not the same.

Teleport DP is a viable option even at the highest level.

Full Screen he can decide when he wants to go in. Cause the opponent can not see him they have to guess when. On Top of that they have to guess is it a dp that follows, a throw, a overhead or a low. The situation gets worse when he gets the hard knockdown.

And to your jump advice - stay in place or middle into cyberdash works damn good to catch your jump - if you preemptive press a jump normal he can delay the cyberdash and deny your trip guard and punish you for jumping.

Fulgore has to guess can he block the dp/mixup or will he jump. Thats it.

Spinal is way different - you can always press or lp and basically deny all his options after a teleport.

As storm said it annoying cause you always have to guess. Is it broken no - is it dumb imo yes

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I think Fulgore players don’t completely understood what they have!.. Please here me out Fulgore players do you honestly think the teleport is not a problem when Fulgore has some stages that benefits & enhancing he’s teleport by fully cloaking with the stage. Ex: Glacius/Fulgore/aganos these are stages that make him completely invisible. Also back to the +1 ex cyber dash that travels full screen and stops you from jumping up if u choose to jump escape. This is my thing guys if this character has all these tools why not reduce his damage like for ex: Aria/shago/cinder they all have bad damage output why??? because they all have the right amount of tools and movement to easily open you up, just like fulgore. Let him keep all that silly stuff nerf his damage i want have nothing to say promise

They did reduce Fulgores damage. Twice! At the end of S2 he was one of the weaker hitting characters in the game.