Tekken gave me an idea... How about infinite stage?

Would it not be cool if we had one stage (preferably Astral Plane) with option to be turned infinite like some stages in Tekken are? Of course it would not be tournament standard, but it could be an option that both players could vote for/against during character or stage select.

It would create interesting gameplay situations, unusual for 2D fighters.

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That would ruin the purpose of Wallsplat. That stage would have to be unplayable.

Do you mean a stage without walls?

I wouldn’t mind it.

It’d be cool as a “for fun” thing. Not going to fly in any serious play, though.


I’d be down, its a different sort of idea…

Right up until someone picks Shin Hisako or Cinder :slight_smile:

Why them specifically?

Their individual backdashes.

This completely removes walls and corners from gameplans. How would that not completely break matchups? Because that really would f’ up MUs to the point of having two categories:

  • MUs (on every other stage)
  • MUs on insert infinite stage here
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Shisako shoots up to SSS+ Godtier.


I’d rather have an interactive stage where wall spats caused a wall to break to a new section of the stage…kinda like Sabrewulf’s KI2 stage.


I imagine many characters would instantly shoot up the tier list to become near unbeatable in some matchups as their runaway gameplan is far, far too strong without the restriction of corners.

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Shin Hisako boutta get the Meta Knight BANNED! treatment.

I would actually love this as an option for 2D fighters.

I love it when stages vary in sizes. I also love when 2D fighters have stage transitions that extend the length of a stage due to some event (Ex. That Chinatown District stage in SFV).

Tournament rules would be dicey but casual play would be sick and shake things up.

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Stage width extensions are fine. Wide stages are fine. Infinistages are just… We’re trying not to get characters banned here

Tekken still has walls and wallsplat moves. I actually count on them when I do some combos. I can’t think of a Tekken stage that doesn’t have a wall. Most of the stages have a wall or floor transition.

@SadisticRage76 there were a few in TTT2. That flower field, Jun’s stage, Unknown’s stage, and Ogre’s stage all are infinistages.

In Tekken 7 the infinite stages are infinite azure, Arctic snowfall and the final stage of fire and brimstone (which is a regular circular arena beforehand).

This stage would have to be banned from ranked as well as tournament play as infinite runaway would be a massively unpleasant experience to have to deal with.

Shinsako would 10-0 the cast, and I’m totally serious.

Infinite stages work better in Tekken because of the way the movement works.

I dunno, I basically don’t see the appeal of it. There are very basic, easy strategies that would be 100% unstoppable, so I dunno what type of gameplay you would be expecting to see on an infinite stage.


Tekken 7 has infinite stages due to the most of the cast not having projectiles and being more of a close-range brawler. This makes things interesting since players can’t utilize large wall combos and they must remain relatively close to be effective.

If this was implemented in KI, the effective players would basically be Fulgore, Aganos (summon walls), Cinder, Mira and S.Sako. The game is balanced around walls and the strengths it provides. Runaway characters would be too effective in this stage as one of their weakness being cornering themselves would be removed entirely. This also affects grapplers as one of their core strengths of cornering would be non-existent.

TL;DR - Tekken made with close range, KI made with walls in mind.

@Infilament do you think that Shinsako would get banned if this stage were made and (in an even lower chance) made legal?