Tekken 7 PS4 console exclusive(not anymore!)

So there is a possibility of Tekken 7 Fated Retribution becoming a PS4 console exclusive and Xbox gamers not having this game in addition to Street Fighter V.

How do you all feel about this? Do you care if Tekken 7 is only on PS4 if that ends up being the case? I for one hope we get Tekken 7 although KI will be my main game it would be nice to have a better variety if good fighters.

Source: http://wccftech.com/tekken-7-fated-revolution-playstation-4-exclusive-release/

Discuss and share your opinions.

EDIT: Now confirmed for XB1 rejoice!

With as horrible as SFV is doing right now, I just feel like that would be a stupid move. I’ve never really cared about Tekken TBH, but I’m getting sick of all the console exclusive titles. I really wish Guilty Gear was on the XBONE.

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I agree, before release I already thought making SFV exclusive was a dumb move and was made to get back at XB for trying to competitive in the FG realm with Killer Instinct (which is the best FG available by far in my opinion). So many players on SF4 were on 360 that is was really a awful idea to split it’s already small playerbase.

I, personally love Tekken, grew up with it as a kid playing it with family and friends alike and at arcades and would love it for that reason alone of having one of my childhood favorite games to dabble in when I am in the mood and support a franchise I like. Hopefully they do not make the mistake of making more FGs that were once multiplat exclusive the FGC is growing but is still vastly smaller than other games like FPS and such so those games need all the fans and players they can get and the console wars in regards to fighters need to be put in the backseat.

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I guess I’ll have to give Tekken another try. I haven’t played it since this first game that was released on the last generation of consoles. I remember there being like 16 button combos, and I thought that was ridiculous and honestly didn’t dedicate myself to learning the game the way I did Soul Calibur and Smash Bros which were my first two games that I played competitively. When Killer Instinct came out, it blew my mind because I dedicated far more hours to mastering it over any other fighting game that I’ve ever played.

You know, I have to be honest, Killer Instinct '13 was my first REAL fighting game. I grew up playing fighting games in the arcades my earliest gaming memories as a kid was at the arcades playing OG SF with my father and older brother. I played a ton of games from one of my all time favorites Rival Schools to DarkStalkers to all the big ones SF, MK, KI1. I would have all my friends over and play them all day but I was never good as I would consider it now. I just spammed moves as any casual would and I could beat the arcade modes and story mode on a normal difficulty.

Even playing games like SF4, MK deception (my favorite), MK9, MK vs DCU, Tekken 6 and Tag I was casual as heck just having fun.

Then I played KI '13 and dabbled in the world of FGs online. I was horrible I would lose all my fights. I befriended someone who was a high rank and he would body me like 200 wins for every single one of my wins. I used that as motivation to learn and play and after a year or so and going to pad to a stick I hadn’t used since a kid not to mention even mastered now I am a Killer rank snd have beaten the likes of Zergkiller, Guttermagic, ProDeath, Mitonson and others albeit I have lost to them countless more times than I have won but still an achievement to me to even win a single time.

It is safe to say KI '13 has baptized me into the world of competitive FGs and I ain’t going nowhere anytime soon.


Man that’s awesome and really inspirational. From the sounds of it, you’re probably on a much higher level of game-play than I, but I’ve always downplayed my abilities in the same token. We’ll definitely have to go a few rounds one day, if anything, I’m sure I could learn a thing or two from you.

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I’m really not a fan of console exclusive fighting games when they were once on several. One thing is for a company making a fighting game for their own console, as Microsoft did with Killer Instinct for the Xbox One. Microsoft own the rights, so it is understandable that they don’t want to port it to Sony’s Playstation, as they are competition.

But with Street Fighter, Guilty Gear and now Tekken all making deals with only Sony and making their games for the PS4 exclusively… that’s NOT alright! Luckily, some of those games are also ported to PC, but in the past, they were ported to both Xbox and Playstation.

I understand Capcom is economically challenged for the time being, so they gained support from Sony to make Street Fighter V and in return made it PS4 exclusive (with PC port). For Capcom, it was about the money.

But now, it kinda feels like that the Japanese fighting game companies have banded together with Sony Playstation, a Japanese company, against the American Microsoft and their Xbox. This just makes the rift between the Japanese and the rest of the world even larger, imo.

I do get it though, since the console market in Japan is dying, because the mobile market has taken the lead, where as the console market still thrives in rest of the world. So of course the Japanese game developers who make console games want the Japanese console market to be a great success, hence all the exclusives.

It’s kinda sad though.


Would definitely be a thing I would be glad to do, especially for S3! We can all learn from eachother I am still an infant in KI in my opinion and have a whole lot to learn.

I absolutely agree with all points on your post. One thing is even though it will be on PC that is tough especially for people like me I have a family and a home and a lot of bills and buying a good enough PC to run those games at a level or better than they do on consoles is hard to manage on a budget.

I understand the Japanese sticking to their consoles but ultimately making it multiplat supports the game even more and can help those devs support the Japanese console market. Exclusive content is a drag but more acceptable than making the game exclusive. Hopefully we get back to a point here all players on all consoles can enjoy all FGs that are not first party IPs.

You know in my opinion, Capcom is a developer that does what they want rather than listening to their fans or community. TBH, that’s why they’re in the boat that they’re currently in. IG is ten-thousand times better at communicating with their fan-base and being receptive to criticism and actually listening to what the community wants…for the most part, lol! A prime example of this is the level 4 enders. I’m so thankful IG developed KI and not Capcom, just imagine them ruining our favorite game like they’ve ruined practically every single one of their IP’s.

IF you can teach me how to consistently do manuals, I shall sing your praises, lol!

Yo, I literally just started ctfu you and your gifs everywhere man lol.

Anyways, yeah I think I could do that. You would still need to practice of course but there is some good shortcuts or cheats to doing manuals consistently that are almost always guaranteed.

For example with Jago, you can do any stregth windkick into c.lk and it manuals everytime with little effort on timing. Although you wouldnt want to use that as the manual everytime since you will get broken you and throw a couple c.mp in there as well and mix in auto doubles to throw your opponent off this works for other fighters as well in certain linkers and normals.

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I’m a Tekken fan. I’m also an X-One owner. Can you see the problem here?
If Tekken became a Ps4 exclusive, then I will be highly upset. I always usually get all the platforms for a generation, but I don’t plan on getting a Ps anytime soon.

Don’t forget KOF 14, that’s a playstation 4 exclusive and will only available on playstation 4 where as Street Fighter 5, Guilty Gear and so on will also be available on PC as well.

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I am on the same boat love Tekken and SF and had all the past gen consoles but really do not want to buy a PS4 just for 2 games I will only play from time to time.

I agree with this statement.

Well, Capcom made some hit and misses, truly.
When they were one of the most powerful Japanese game developers because of IPs like Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Megaman, Resident Evil and more, they created new IPs and tried to expand their brand with new ideas… sadly, most of those IPs were failures. Chaos Legion, Remember Me, Okami, amongst others… those games were seen as comercial failures, and that’s when Capcom started losing money, because they’ve spent so many on those new games.

After that, they tried to focus on mobile games. Like I said, the mobile gaming market is HUGE in Japan, and the console market was slowly falling, but it wasn’t enough for Capcom to get back on their feet.

What they should have done was to focus on their succesful IPs while making new ones on the side to see if they became succesful. But sadly, they neglected their main brands… until they brought Street Fighter back with SF4. After 10 years without any new Street Fighter game, they brought Capcom back AND made fighting games relevant again with Street Fighter 4 and later Super SF4. But it wasn’t enough, and Capcom was close to bankruptcy.

Street Fighter V is perhaps their last shot. And Capcom gets support from Sony to make it a success. However, they made some bad decisions and released it pre-maturely, because they wanted the game out before EVO, so it could become one of the main titles on their list. Now we just have to wait and see if they can pull it up again with the future DLC and patches.

Anyways, that was Capcom. Sorry for the slight off-topic there.

I got an Xbox One for Killer Instinct, before it was stated that most fighting games would come out PS4 exclusive. Like I said, Street Fighter, Tekken, Guilty Gear and other fighting game IPs were out on both PS and Xbox in the past, so it disappoints me I had to invest in both consoles to be able to play the games of the franchises I like. I have a PS4 now too though, so I’m covered, but it’s still ALOT of money put into this that shouldn’t have had to be necessary.

That too.

RIP Capcom. Let us bury them next to SEGA.


Some huge misses indeed. They all but ruined my all time favorite IP being Resident Evil.

I loved the new approach with RE4 it was done so right then they release RE5 and then completely lost all my faith in the hot garbage that was RE6. Do not even get me started on the new game RE CoD Zombiefield corps. Why Capcom why?!

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Hopefully Sega will bounce back. I love Sega.

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IF this did happen, I would be very sad about it.

But from looking at the sales of SFV, it would be smart if NAMCO made it multiplatform.

Its really upsetting to see that some great fighters (KoF, SFV, and possibly Tekken 7) will never see an Xbox Audience. However, the capitalist in me says that this just means the fighting game market is wide open on Xbox. Microsoft should publish and heavily market Rivals of Aether to counter this.