Team Tourney?

Wonder how people would feel about a possible team tournament.

RULES(Subject to Change)
So I’m thinking about we have teams of 2,3,4 or 5 depending on how many people we get. The teams can be randomized by the TO or chosen by the players (which could lead to some ridiulously stacked teams but whats fun is fun👍). We have those teams compete against each other and then from there we see who comes out the winner.

We would need to have at least four teams to have more than a single round of play so I want to see how many people would be interested. Feel free to leave suggestions and if this gets enough interest we could set it up☺

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I call dibs on @TheNinjaOstrich, @ItzTymeToDul and @Dayv0!


If you add yourself to that list, call it deal!!!

Doubles would get my vote. Just from a speed and logistics kind of view.

It would be easy to get about 4 5-man team

And I would be more inclined to actually choose pals instead of random.

Some rules would be cool (no repeated chars per team, that kind of stuff)

Hmmm,I would have to get back into the competitive scene. :sweat_smile:

Maybe, maybe…

Jago, Gargos, Omen, Kim… we would conquer all.


That sounds like a hype team!

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Seems pretty cool to me

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Although I see that a some of people want player choice when it comes to teams I just want to get it set in stone what everyone wants with this poll. Once this poll is over I can finish adjusting the rules and then work on setting it up.

  • Teams Are Player Choice
  • Teams Are Chosen Randomly

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And now for some people I can think of off the top of my head tags: @LemonHunter38 @Dayv0 @SneerfulWater57 @TheNinjaOstrich @oTigerSpirit @ItzTymeToDul @WrathOfFulgore @MaruMDQ @GalacticGeek @GeneralScrebor

I know there are probably a bunch of people that may be interested that I forgot to tag so tag anyone that I didn’t

@WeddedOx1116077 @STORM179 @FeverAyeAye @TheNinjaOstrich @PVT1AORyanBay
@PVXenoraptor @GalacticGeek @MDMMORNING @KevBones10 @DescartesTruth

@VerminatorX @BigBadAndy @NitricZenith @DarkLrdChuckles @RoTeNdO @SlenderCashew50 @DEClimax @Zcythe

I’ve probably forgotten a ton of people so tag anyone I missed that you think may be interested

@PVXenoraptor We should enter PV in this

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This depends on date and time for me. Should there be no conflict, I’m up for it.


If it’s Friday, Saturday, or sunday count me in. Otherwise nursing school and family time eats up my hardcore game time. During the week I’m usually on long enough to get the daily rewards.

sounds koo. Sucks for people who aren’t in the inner circle clique though, but eh its not about fair its about hanging out and playing ki

I would happily participate, but it’s going to depend on the rules and timing etc. I voted for player chosen teams even though anyone playing to win is going to pick me last, lol.

@GeneralScrebor @BigBadAndy @Zcythe It’ll most likely be during the weekend since that would be the only time I’d have to run something like this seeing as this would probably take a few hours

I’m soooooo bad but yo I thumbs this up!

On the one hand, random choice would be really interesting, though it sort of invites a can of crying worms, what with losses to be blamed on weak-links and wins credited as carries ala FPS. Granted, lots of players would be hopeless in such a tourney w/o team randomization anyway, like Team Two-Thumbs ova heah. :sob:

Other hand, traditional player choice is so classically legit, who can argue w/ “May The Best Team Win” ?

Team tourneys are shibby either way! We need more stuff like this!


And is it round robin, where every team member fights everyone in the opposing team? Or everyone fights one opposing player? Or just two members of the team fight? How does it work?