Team Eyedol or team Gargos?

So who else is excited to see Gargos get his face smashed in by Eyedol in SL? Or who do you root for in this fight? This matchup is too hype for me :laughing:

Gargos all the way, eyedol had a chance he f*cked it up and then got his head ripped in two. As far as I’m concerned that’s a permanent 1:0 k/d.

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Eyedol yo! I’m an old man compared to many in this player base. The boss i remember is eyedol, not poopy gargos lol.


I like both but due to Eyedol seeming like the underdog and how long so many of us here were begging for him I gotta go with Eyedol. Eyedol bested Gargos and tossed him back to where he came from. Gargos only beat him after he had gone mad and turned into a mindless rampaging ogre and he STILL had to wait for Eyedol to exhaust himself before he tried to face him one and one and the bio makes it seem like even with all that in Gargos’s favor, the final fight still wasn’t free for him lol

Eyedol seems more impressive to me. I love Gargos too though.

According to the backstories, Eyedol is more powerful, but Gargos is smarter. I’ll root for eyedol but this new version of gargos is pretty bad*ss

If i have to consider the actual time line, seems gargos became stronger absorbing the power of other astral entities and that’s why he could beat eyedol, else, seems they would be at the same lvl of power.

Gargos of course. That thing called eyedol is an abomination and should be destroyed swiftly and without hesitation. Gargos comes after.




What did Eyedol do to you? :cry:

Life as we know it.


Eyedol. Gargos doesn’t have skulls. Just minions. Take away those minions and give Eyedol a fair one.

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Eyedol for sure.


Eyedol for me. I hate Gargos.


Aria wants to protect humanity, Eyedol is human sooo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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But he’s got a splitting headache.


But Gargos cheated, he must have. Gargos never fights fair.

I’m on the fence between the two, Gargos is smarter, but on the other hand Eyedol has a big glowy club.
Yeah I’m going Eyedol

There’s rules i a fight?

There is no honor in winning the way Gargos won, like my ninja vegeta would say. Lol

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I see.