Tag Team Mode for KI

When will KI ever add a tag team mode? Every fighting game has one.

Injustice, Injustice 2, MKX, Tekken 7, Street Fighter 5, etc. etc. etc.


Still a fun idea though.

I wish potential KI sequel had tag team.

There are already multiple threads on this topic, so a new one didn’t really need to be made.

While a tag team mode would be fun, I feel like it would be pretty dang hard to implement. It also doesn’t help that pretty much every button combination in the game already does something, so finding a tag button(s) would be difficult as well.

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I’m sorry, but tag team fighing games suck. Love playing Tekken, but I hate the Tekken Tag games. All tag games turn into is “tag combo-tag comno-tag combo- finish” there is more time spending hitting the tag button instead of any thing else.

I am very happy when a fighting game doesn’t put some tag crap in it.

If you want a tag team then play Eyedol

I loved MK9’s tag. It was such a great casual mode to play with a friend online. Mind you the netcode was ■■■ but on the games that ran semi-well it was great.

Tag appeals to a niche audience but it fills what I feel is an important void. The problem I find with playing many fighting games with friends is there often can be a rather substantial skill gap, which means one or both players doesn’t really have an enjoyable time. With a tag mode like MK9’s it allowed both players to play and enjoy the game without struggling with that skill gap as they were playing cooperatively against other opponents of various skill.

Smash has some casual modes that operate in the same way. You can team up with someone who is much better than you and both enjoy the game rather, than boring that person or them boring you in very lopsided 1v1 matches.

To further elaborate games like mario and what not have coop modes that allow parents to play with their children or gamers to play with non gamers, fighting games often lack that level of compatibility. Coop tag modes fill that void. What they’ll often do instead is put in ways to apply a handicap to the higher skilled player which can often feel pretty cheesy and is really just half assed.

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I like either assist based games(MVC 2 or 3, the incoming DBFZ…), or 1vs1 teams (like KOF), but I usually don’t like 2vs2 tag games.

Either way, I prefer 1vs1 games, so I’m ok as it is

I’m not really a big fan of tag team fighters.

I want a tag team mode, but like MK9 not so much MvC styled. It’d be nice to have another online teammate against two other players.


I don’t think any of us had an overly complicated tag system in mind that would change the core of the game, probably just something casual and fun like in MK9 where you can have some fun with a friend.

And I do play Eyedol, he’s fun as hell lol.

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Rash & Aganos: Balls to the Wall set ups?


I disagree to a certain extent. Tag Team games are always fun to play but constant switching (a plague in KOF 2003 and KOF XI) really stinks.

If there is a tag team mode for KI, they should let us switch fighters when one is in Danger, not early.

However, I like the idea of 2vs2 ala MK9 style. 4 players in total. As an extra mode thought, not the whole game.
I think it could be fun xD

KI Gold team battle modes