Tag team or team battle modes would be fantastic in this game!

who would like to see something like this? 2 vs 2, or being able to pick a team of 3, 4 or 5 characters to go against another team of characters, offline or online


I’ve always dreamed about a 2 v 2 mode in KI. Would love to take my Sahdow Jago / Fulgore team against my friends Cinder / Glacius.

Somebody HAS to do a Jago/Kim vs Shadow Jago/Omen match with me if this happens.

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I would like that
Also what about dramatic battle
2 vs 1 arcade ladder for teams going up against buffed opponents sound ok

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I’ve always wanted this since Season 1, I pray they make this a reality down the line.

It would add SO much replay value to this game! Please make it happen!!

THREAD CLOSED IN 3… 2… 1… spoilers

I have talked about the minimal odds of tag team mode for a while and it all comes down to inputs. There simply isn’t an intuitive input for swapping out that does not already exist for at least 1 character.

an input that should be used is LP+LK, it is only used to combo break lights. But think of this: MP+MK is used for breaking mediums and used in the scenario to combo counter while dealing damage. Inputs can be assigned for this because the inputs are situation based.

nah man, 2 v 2 is enough. 3 v 3 or + just gets too crazy.

Told myself every time one of these threads pops up I’d post my ideas for visibility’s sake. sorry to anyone who’s already read them.

Tag Mode
Teams of two

Characters can only be selected once per team (cannot be Jago/Jago).

Health set at 150% per character.

Team shares an instinct meter, equivalent to 125% normal. Once
triggered, it affects whichever character is in play. It however only
resets the combo meter of the character who triggered it.

Each character has their own combo meter, which functions the same as
it does in standard play. A tagged in player’s meter resumes where it
left off when tagged out.

Combo meter also includes a colored “tag” meter under the yellow combo gauge.

Tags can only be performed during combos.

Tags have a set cooldown, can only be triggered two autodoubles after the previous use(in example).

Tags are performed by input command (e.g., qcf+k, f,d,f+p) and may be low med or heavy.

Combo breaker executed at the moment of a tag results in a “tag breaker”.

Tag breakers result in a double throw which grounds the escaping
opponent and flings the incoming opponent back offscreen. Both take
permanent throw damage.

No it is not.

I don’t understand the appeal of a tag mode at all, that said I am against it taking time away from real game modes like story, or an upgrade to survival mode. However if team mode were easy to implement and didn’t take too much budget or dev time then I’d say sure why not.

it wouldnt be like 3 vs 3 at the same time, just team battle

so pick a team of 3 or whatever, opponent has a team of 3, then just normal round battles, when one character gets KO’d the next round will start, the winners health will carry over, the new opponent will be at full health, repeat until one team wins

same with tag team mode, doesnt have to be like in MK9 where you could call the other character out at any time, or continue combos between characters (although that would be cool) i’d be happy with just getting to pick a team and then using one after the other, but if it was more indepth than that, that would be even better :smiley:

I bet there is not enough memory to handle two more characters in a match. Even if there is, it would probably slow down/pause the game while it gets the assets ready. I think this kind of feature would likely require a lot of engine modification.

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What exactly constitutes a “real” game mode? The idea to me is laughable. Anything that gives the player options as how to play is a game mode, and there is value in any mode of play. not everyone is in it for story or survival. As I do not personally care for them are those not “real” game modes? Who gets to decide?

I would play the crap out of a tag mode though, because I only play online, and it would let me be more creative in how I engage other players. It would also add to the two biggest standout components of the game, mind games and combos.
That is a “real” game mode to me.

I never implied anything to do with tag team being all at the same time. 2 V 2 and with tagging in but always 1 on 1 fights without assists and taggings can only be done in neutral, not during a combo

LP+LK is throw, a VERY important input .

I agree, but that doesn’t seem to be happening at this point.

Very good point, I suppose they can figure something out for an input to tag in/out. Perhaps down and select