Swear words!

Is there a way to turn off censoring of naughty language?
It doesn’t offend me and would rather have an option to turn it off rather than guess what the poster was originally intending to say.

There is not a way to do so at this time, however we will be whittling the list down as we go on. Right now it was set up on the cautious side. Pruning is incoming.

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Cool! Thanks for letting me know.

Just to let you know Sniper (sni per) is censored. Should there be a thread where we can post questionable censored words to be removed from the filter?

Doing so in this thread is fine as I have it monitored a tad closer than other sections. Now I wouldn’t say go try to hunt down words, but yes leave your suggestions.

I wont be trying to hunt for them. It just came up since I was talking about Conker L&R multiplayer.

OK, here’s some words I’ve seen filtered which seem a little extreme to censor:

Dummy (as in the thing you beat upon in training mode)
Murder (but Homicide is OK)

Your mileage may vary, of course.

As I come across/think of more, I shall divulge those filthy futhermuckers.

About the filter, well, KKK= all Tree Kicks buttons.

You know, 'cause kicking is racist XD

Seriously, using K K K together for the motion of(for example) Glacius Liquidize it’s something very common here

Yeah I noticed that filtered too. I used “3K” as an alternative.

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Greatly appreciated! Let me get these removed from the filter.


also noticed lmao is censored (l m a o)
I guess this makes sense due to what the a stands for, but still thought i’d list it here in case you think it shouldn’t really be censored :stuck_out_tongue:

What type of world would it be if we couldn’t even say that?! Thanks again!

lol! Yea, of course, no problem :smile:

I actually appreciate the effort on the language filter, but it is really hard to get these things working right - context is so important. And of course everyone just finds ways around it if they choose to be rude.

I can’t see the words Marbledecker put up, but I have noticed that you can’t say “blow” singular, but you can say “blows” plural. Obviously in the right context this can be offensive, but there are many uses of blow that are not.

Hi Andy! :grinning:

If you open a reply to my post and then hit the “quote whole post” button in the top-left of the reply box, you should be able to see the list I provided. The click-drag method of quoting won’t do it, it’ll just pick up the white boxes.

Totally true! To be super-transparent the second the forums were going live I realized that there was absolutely no word-filtering set up, so I scrambled to get something up as quick as I could. It is admittedly strict because it is easier to start off extreme then roll back, rather than starting lax and trying to implement things later.

Thanks for pointing out that instance. Will get it removed!

@rukizzel: I was checking the Dev Tracker and read about your ring-finger-related incident! Terrifying.

In the process I discovered that your use of the word “bone” was censored (or at least that’s what I’m assuming the word was from the context clues in your avacado-cutting adventure).

I think Spinal would take some pretty extreme offense to that word being censored, hahaha!

EDIT: Just saw the word “enlargement” censored. “Enlarge” does not appear to be, however.

You can go to my profile and look up some of my latest posts where I have words where the letters are separated by “-” because they’re, IMO, wrongfully filtered. For example, you can’t say the word “v-u-l-g-a-r” which I find quite odd.

I just had the word U G L Y get filtered out in a post. I know it can be a hurtful thing to say, but probably most forum users can handle it :laughing: .

@Rukizzel: Is there any update on this? There is a continually growing list of extremely common English words that are being caught by the censor, especially ones that might reasonably come up in a KI discussion, including d-u-m-m-y (for training room opponent), b-o-n-e (any number of Spinal discussions), and b-a-n-g (I tried to use the phrase “bang for your buck” and was censored, I don’t even know if an insulting connotation for this word exists, lol). I’ve actually kind of lost track of the words that are being aggressively censored since there are so many, and I seem to come across a handful more each day.

It seems pruning this list isn’t a big priority for people on the KI team, which makes perfect sense considering their other obligations. Is there any chance you’d allow a trusted community member to manually go through every word in the censored word list and remove the words that should be allowed? It doesn’t have to be me, but I would volunteer to do this.

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