Swear words!

P O T is censored

I used it as Pot Prize

And I would volunteer to come up with words/phrases that probably should be cencored, but aren’t. Being a meavy metal musician, I am a veritable dictionary of nasty terms and phrases.

I think it’s the s-e-xual connotation… “bang out” “want to bang” etc.

I just tried to make a joke in the Great Might Poo thread, and the word C-R-A-P-P-Y got censored.

The censoring on this forum is ridiculous!

I really hope the “pruning” happens soon… posts that l-o-o-k l.ike th!s j u s t t-o u,se n0rmal l.a.n.g.u.a.g.e are becoming all too common.

I think it’s pretty clear that the censoring is not fulfilling its intended purpose, and is in fact more negative than positive.

It’s censoring words that can be used with no negative connotation, and when people want to swear, they’ll just add dashes or space out the letters, which can make it even worse.

Aside from a few troglodytes, most people in the Season 2 forums used swear words pretty sparingly. Really, the moderation kept everybody mostly in check. Since it’s now linked to a Microsoft email account, there should be even less people trolling or stepping out of line without censoring.

The moderation is the difference between Ultra-Combo and the bar bathroom that is the Test Your Might forum.