Survival mode face lift idea

So some fun things that seems like it would be easy to add that I would like to see.
Survival mode has three modes to select
Classic survival
Retro survival
Random survival - fighters are a random color and accessory set.

I think this would make survival mode more fun mixing up the looks a little bit.


Good idea, this can make survival mode a lot more fun.

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Agreed. And similarly, if the Shadow Lab could save our costume colors in the customization options, Shadow Survival would also offer a lot more opponent variations.

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I’d love to see this sort of mix and match approach with character’s outfits in survival mode. If anything, it might encourage people that don’t have those items to either grind for them or buy them, so that could be a win for MS / IG.

I’d also like to see a few survival mode variant options:

-Survival scaling: On / Off. Anyone who plays survival knows that the difference between fight one and say… Fight 26 is usually pretty different. Not only is the AI more difficult, but the health you get back lessens over time as well. Now, I don’t need 100% health back after every match, but put the bar somewhere and leave it there. Same goes for the AI. If I pick medium, then match 1 should feel like match 20 or match 40. That is to say, if I want to toggle that off. Some might love the scaling. It’d simply be nice to have the option.

-Boss battles: On / Off. It’d be cool if you could toggle on boss battles, so that every five matches, you could fight either Shago, Omen or Gargos, but beating them also switches the stage to a new stage for the next match. Maybe these boss battles are slightly harder than regular matches too?

-Belt matches: On / Off. I loved the option in Virtua Fighter 4 to fight arcade AIs to move up in ranking from 10th Kyu up to 10th Dan and beyond that. It’d be awesome if KI had a survival mode that allowed you to earn stars for your character, where five stars gets you a new belt, like going from white to yellow and so on, and then after a while, you can get all the way up to some special belts and this can go below your profile card depending on which character you’re using. Maybe there could also be belts for different kinds of achievements like doing x number of ultras with that character in this mode, etc.

So you might have an orange belt with Sabrewuf, but a 4th degree brown belt with Mira or a 7th degree black belt with Sadira or a Master Killer Belt (which could be red and black with a KI logo on it or something like that) with Fulgore, those belts would show up under your profile icon depending on which character you picked, and those belts would stay with you in other modes, unless you chose to hide them.