Survey Says: The Return of the Textual Stream!

Both of my questions were answered! I’m really shocked about the 2nd one and in response yes you guys did an awesome job with both especially raam. I can’t stop playing him because he’s so fun!

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My guess would be whichever characters you use gets the skins

I’m first time I’m here. Talking about Dialogue, KI needs that on your story. “Welcome!
Glad to see we’re continuing to grow. Yep, I hear ya. The story
sequences will visually be akin to S2, but im happy to say that there
are brief sections of dialogue peppered throughout the mode. So were
getting there.”

Is kind to see the Creative Designer, Kraig answer my question. Really thanks. Yes, we can do that! Even if now can’t do a high level dialogue cutscenes for some reason, some day PLEASE, do that! One of the most power in any game is his identity and how you can expand or work on it. I think that dialogue can esculp and define how deeper and ambicious a game can be and be a dense reason to continue a new KI, maybe. In next textual stream, i’ll question that.

A secret character in Shadow Lords would be epic


I’d assume the only ones that might not get mimic skins would be Gargos, Shago, Omen, Rash, Arbiter and RAAM.

Who knows though, maybe everyone will.

Me too, but what make me a little frustrated is what is the guarantee to launch a S4? Really, i think the Eyedol was a amazing launch in worng time. Just spread the last powered bullet. Maybe the survey got they surprised and they didn’t have much time to do and release another character, to one day launch Eyedol, or maybe they feared the community could critize them to use this chess movement like a joke and decided to release him anyway.

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Glad I got my questions answered…well, the ones that mattered anyway.

And yeah, Keits twitter profile pic needed to be addressed.

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I hope the skins are kinda designed similar to Shadow Jago, as in a complete make over (Not a new character but you get what I mean).

Shadow Hisako would be so amazing…

They clearly said that season 3’s slate of characters is finished.

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They’re just green skins with green smoke effects.

Still look awesome though.


Eh…now I’m not so hyped for the skins anymore…but everything else will be cool right?

Its not a guarantee that these are the skins, but I’d wager that they are. I still really like them, hopefully they’re kinda hard to unlock so it’ll keep us busy for a while.

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S3 slate of characters finished =/= all characters revealed or released

After the “Eyedol trolling”, I totally can believe in a 9th character.

And it would totally be Eagle


Also you have to keep in mind that another character could be “after” season 3 and still fit though the “characters are finished” loophole.

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I mean they aren’t bad…but I’m not a fan of the green smoke effect

you ever see a cartoon where a character smells bad and they have the green cloud coming off of them?

Yeah that’s what it makes me think of lol

but it could just because I always grew up with cartoons so take it as you will lol


I can understand that but to me they “reek” of Gargos, what with the green smoke being a major visual cue to the entire invasion thing being all over the UI and Gargos himself.


I get your point and it’s a good point. I guess I was fine with it as the UI stuff, but on the characters it looked weird to me.

I’m sure the other characters might take advantage of it more, we’ll see.

just my 2cents.

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There’s some leaked videos that we can’t really talk about, I’ve seen some of the other skins on them. The green theme is pretty much the norm, can’t say if they’ll all be so green or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see. Well I’ll take your word for it.

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The future of KI is in our hands for real!!

Let’s keep having fun!!!