Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition backwards compatible

Xbox Spokesperson Larry Herb (aka MajorNelson) just announced Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is coming to the Xbox One’s backwards compatible lineup today. This is big because it’s not the vanilla version that came to the list months ago, but the big version that supports a LOT of the dlc content and expansions of the game with the larger roster of fighters. It should hopefully support the ultra edition content with any luck. If anyone can test this and report it back at some point, this is actually a really good game that has been added to the list.


Downloading it right now. I noticed in the DLC it included the Ultra add-on, vacation and wild costumes as well, so it is in fact the full game.


can someone who owns the ultra edition disc see if it will work? That’s what I have, but I am unable to check because of circumstances and would like to know so I do not get my hopes up.


If anybody is interested in a set, just let me know! I haven’t played SFIV for years, so I will SUCK XD

Gen and Hugo main, btw

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I already have the Ultra edition on PS4. Playing it from time to time when I wanna play as Cody, one of my favourite characters of the series.


I was so disappointed in SFV. Might play it again should Cody be added, but it seems more and more unlikely by the day, though he does appear to be somewhat popular and well-requested in the SF community.

Is that a modded version of Cody? I don’t recall seeing him in regular clothes.

That’s his main alt, actually. My favourite of his costumes. A nice tribute to his original Final Fight appearance, without just being a boring white t-shirt and jeans. ^^

Is this the game that had the decapre with psychic knife similar to psylocke
& Poison ?
I always though rolento was cool especially in his beach outfit

I think I only have the super version on PS3.

Kinda focusing on buying PS4 games now but I’m sure there’s a lot of happy people!

Yup. That’s Ultra SF4. It’s on PS4 as well.

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You know this SUCKS. I literally just gave my X360 away with SF4 Arcade Edition!!!

I guess I can buy a copy somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chun-li main!!!

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Wait is it ultra rolento, decapre, hugo, elena are playable or no cause i might get it if has everything i own AE but not Ultra.

That’s Ultra, yes.
Ultra is the final version with all the characters.

SF4 Arcade Edition offers Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu and Oni.

When I get the chance to, I may download this and try it. I used to play a lot of Bison (Dictator) online. I was mediocre, but it was fun. Unfortunately, I’m unable to at the moment.


I have Arcsde and Ultra Edition digitally but I needed my 360 Super disc to get them running. Anyone else have that setup and test it out?

I’m still on vacation but I will be back late Saturday and Sunday. I will look around for folks to play games.

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Darn, it and I wasted money on the Vanilla earlier

Love that it’s finally here, I’ve been waiting for it to be added to the BC list for a long time so today is a good day.
Xbox gets a bad rep in the FGC but there is so much variety with what’s native on the xbox one and playable flawlessy though the back compat programme. Crossing my fingers for third strike next.

Anyone want to do some matches?

if anyone can confirm this, i’d like to know too

It does indeed


great, ty very much