Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Technically speaking, whether Smash Ultimate is a new (& highly overhauled) version of Smash 4, or a completely new game that’s just built similar to the previous one, comes down to if they are still using the Smash 4 engine or not. No one can really say either way until people can prove one or the other.

I don’t think it matters at this point.

It was confirmed that they used the Smash 4 engine and built upon that.

It doesn’t. We’ve already seen what we’re getting and what’s under the hood doesn’t change that.

This made me laugh.

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wow…seriousley? She hasn’t seen Samus has she?

Lets also try to keep that stuff to a minimum.

I’m sure it was just a joke.

Likely was a joke.
here’s the changes of my main BOWSER!!!

Yeah I remember that one.

Some Echo wish

I have a bug
I’m my ear

I’ve been hearing so much about leaks. I doubt they are true but the one thing each leak bring sup is King K rool being in the next smash. It’d be cool if make sit though.

It would be nice, I kinda wish they’d add the whole DKC crew.

Cranky/Retro DK , Dixie, K’Rool.

Funky Costume for DK and DK Jr. Costume for Mr. Game and Watch.

It’s just bizarre, that fire emblem have more reps than Do.

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Yeah and I admit it gets very tiring seeing a whole bunch of fire emblem characters. Heck my brother would go on a tanget just from the mere mention of them. that being said their not all boring to me. I found Ike to be a neat addition because of how unique he was to the roster. and that robin character does something different depsite being another FE character to use a sword.

But I’m not hear to talk about the debate over whether the fire emblem characters are looked at favorably or not, I’m here to talk about smash bros ultimate. Anyway if King K Rool makes it in smash bros this game will seem perfect. But if not I still have confidence that it will be best entry in the series…

That’s your own personal list of who you’ll play/not play I assume?

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I’d probably stick with my main Snake, and have Capt. Falcon and Ryu as secondaries.

Good list though. You really put some thought into this one!

My top mains currently is Bowser and Luigi. But I will add Squirtle to the list of my mins for sure.

Even King K Rool will be my main if he makes it in.

You likely won’t see me playing with fire emblem characters though. But I’am gonna give Ridley a spin and see what he can do.