Super Smash Bros Ultimate

I noticed there has not been a topic here.

So lets talk smash.


All items, 4 players, hazards off

Let’s do it bois


Gonna be honest, it disappoints me that they finally put Princess Daisy in the game, only to make her a glorified clone of Princess Peach (no, calling them Echoes doesn’t change anything). After seeing companies like Capcom try to not have clones anymore in their games, I would have hoped Nintendo would have looked at those games and try to make their own rosters more unique; I mean, Daisy is from the Sand Kingdom, they can do a lot with that concept in terms of moveset. Also the severe lack of Waluigi, they made a unique moveset for Captain Falcon way back in the N64 days and they can easily do the same for him.

At the same time, they were somehow able to convince Konami to bring back Solid Snake, which considering Konami’s attitude toward games nowadays is a miracle in itself (you could argue money, but by that logic Konami themselves would keep making video games).

Either way, a good deal that basically renders Sm4sh obsolete, since it includes that game’s DLC by default. Now I’m just waiting for more character reveals.



Looks great so far. It’ll be a blast playing local wireless with friends.

I hope they’ll deliver on single-player modes like they have with everything else so far; Adventure Mode 2.0 would be especially great. I also hope they’ll invest a lot more on better netplay over Smash 4.

It’s a neat port.

The best bait is the simplest lol


What do you mean? It’s Smash for the Wii U, but with more characters and stages.

More of a turbo version ala USFIV.

But… At least it’s on one of the best console known to man.

Yeah, or Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.

Really, console wars?
I thought we were over that.

Not… a fair comparison.

You’re right. Sorry.

It’s just my opinion.

Edit: Typo’s don’t help either.

Why not? MKA is pretty much MKDA and MKD, but with all the characters from the franchise + a few extra. Just like Smash Ultimate.

I’m probably remembering the wrong game…

@MandrillManiac @Blacklash93 @anon39655210
I do hope King K Rool is playable soon.

But wow, you guys you should’ve seen @JEFFRON27 at the Ridley reveal. He went nuts and ran around in circles. To describe his response in one word.

I want Bandanna dee or Issac as bonuses.

Any character after this is a bonus.

I know Ridley was requested for so long, so it’s cool to see him in the game, even though a lot of other people were like “he’s too big”. Just resize him to fit! And so they did. ^^

I feel sorry for those who wanted poor Waluigi though… the only character I wanted to see, tbh.

Yup. Besides if you think about it, Smash’s size was never consistent. Wasn’t Olimar the size of a battery? He was as big as Mario in the Smash games.

Kirby is 8 inches tall.

And Bowser is sometimes as big as a castle in the Mario games.
I don’t think Nintendo cares about size of characters, as long it fits their agenda.

Bowser could change his size if he wanted. But yeah that too big argument was crap. Luckily I only saw videos of those admitting that their wrong and some being glade to be wrong.