Suggestions to Orchid's Ultimate

Good night, guys, how are you? Well, now that all 3 ultimates packs have been released, I’d like to make some suggestions for the characters that were left out of the packs and wanted to start by giving 3 ultimate suggestions to my favorite character: Orchid! And yes, I also want to know your suggestions, feel free to deduce in the comments below, while I leave here my suggestions:

Suggestion 1: This is unlikely but it would look good for the character and the public’s eyes: Orchid hugs her opponent and takes a giant leap, and while both are in the air she turns upside down and starts spinning and falling at high speed With the enemy, leaving light and fire (or electricity) from their body, then they hit the ground causing an explosion and the camera focuses on Orchid standing after blast doing a diva pose (in case the pose would be her cross legs, Put one hand on the waist and the other raised with the index finger waving, and his face would have a smile and a wink).

Suggestion 2: This is my least favorite but as IG are basing the ultimates on character moves this may fit well: Orchid uses any movement to launch the enemy into the air, and then she uses her electrified sticks to create a tornado of Giant electricity knocking them to the ground, the opponent is swallowed by the tornado and ends up being thrown at high speed to all corners of the giant electricity beam and receiving many electric discharges until the tornado undoes and the opponent falls to the ground without life, And again Orchid makes a diva pose.

Suggestion 3: This is my favorite and it may be possible since IG are doing the ultimates on character moves: Orchid materializes a giant fire cat and climbs on his head and laps lazily to see the fire cat playing with his opponent using The paw as if it were playing with a wool ball, then Orchid gives a command to the fire cat that gives a roar and attacks the opponent advancing with both legs and the feline explodes, then the camera focuses on Orchid making a pose of diva or dancing to celebrate the victory.

I know that ultimates must extract the characters personality and will never be extreme violent for inumerous reasons (and this is no problem to me) so i thought many times before i made these suggestions here, thanks for the attention.


Here is one:

Maybe she could do her medium ichnisan linker, begins to point to her chest, as the camera transitions to her back, it appears that she flashed him (her) and their eyes widen as they scream the screen flashes white then the camera slowly foucuses in on the opponent with their jaw open then slowly to Orchid performing her time-out pose (as if she is unimpressed her boobs killed her enemyy) ULTIMATE


Would fit well to a comic ultimate like Riptor is but Iron Galaxy said these ultimates will be all new and will not remember the old ones, anyway, your suggestion is valid :wink:


Or she could do the flick flak ender to knock them in the air, while high in flight she summons multiple firecats the the opposite side as the oppenent falls into the circle of firecats, camera zooms in on her doing her time out pose as you see a yellow fiery explosion incinerating the opponent. (similar to Glacius)


I could see them doing something with her along the lines of a mega air buster to get the opponent up in the air. She lands first in a stylish pose, then starts charging her batons, only to unleash a massive electrical ichi ni san charge that rushes across the screen, causing dark chunks of “ground” to fly in all directions as the charge vaporizes the airborn opponent (or rather, they disappear in the light like Fulgore’s ultimate). Cut to her firecat slowly walking up to her as she kneels down to pet it, smirking at the space where her opponent used to be.

I’m not saying it’s the best move they could do, I just think that something like that is more likely then something completely new and unique animation-wise.


Good! better than your previous suggestion

I loved your suggestion :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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