Studios Xbox CONSIDERED Buying: 💰

All kinds of things are being dug up from the Activision thing, including how Xbox considered adding SEGA & Bungie into the fold.

To be fair, Scopely looks like an excellent addition to Xbox, but hey- who knows?




Honestly a lot of interesting stuff there.

You have studios that are currently making or have made (exclusive?) games for Xbox:

Asobo (Flight Sim)
Avalanche (Contraband)
Blackbird (Minecraft Legends)
Oxide Games (ARA History Untold)
Relic (Age of Empires)

You also have some studios that might make sense for support:

Certain Affinity (Halo)
Splash Damage (Halo? Or basically any shooter tbh)

Then you have studios of all sizes with varying degrees of success. Not sure any of these IPs would come with them, but they at least show a level of quality that could at least indicate future potential.

4A (Metro)
Coldwood (Unraveled)
Colossal Order (Cities Skylines)
Dontnod (Life is Strange)
Ember Lab (Kena)
Fireproof (The Room)
From Software
IO Interactive (Hitman)
Level 5 (Dark Cloud, Ni No Kuni)
Moon (Ori)
Playdead (Limbo)
Playtonic (Yooka Laylee)
Remedy (Alan Wake)
Starbreeze (Chronicles of Riddick)
Stoic (Banner Saga)
Supergiant (Hades)
Tarsier (Little Nightmares)
Team Cherry (Hollow Knight)

I honestly like a few of those just based on their potential to possibly help bring back Xbox’s own dormant IPs. I wouldn’t mind seeing a stealthy, 3rd person Perfect Dark developed by IO Interactive (I know Crystal Dynamics is working on a FPS Perfect Dark game but who knows when that’ll actually come out).

I think Level 5 could be a great Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon dev, even if I’d love to see another Dark Cloud game. Playtonic or Ember Lab could be a solid group to bring Banjo or Conker back.

Not sure if all or even any of these are available or if MS still has interest in them, but it’s fun to speculate. :slight_smile:

The one big thing on that list that I absolutely do think MS should pick up though is Sega. They make all the sense in the world for Microsoft.

They have a solid Japanese presence, a massive catalog of titles from their four generations of consoles that could go straight in to GamePass, tons of quality IPs across virtually every genre you can think of, a decent mobile presence and what appears to be a solid working relationship.

I’d have to think that if ABK wasn’t such a massive whale for MS to try and reel in, that Sega would already be part of Xbox. I’m still hoping it happens some day.

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