Story mode for season 3

In my very own personal opinion season needs a story mode we can´t take shadow lords as a story mode I think of it more as an extra game mode not the story of the characters for season 3, I understand that it can be hard to explain and build the context where the invited chars fit into the KI story but the story mode for season 3 is something that should be done soon.

Thank you for reading this and wait for your responses

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IMO Shadow Lords it’s perfect as story mode.

No need for nothing more

If they just replace the mimics with shadow mimics (Omen skins) it would be indeed perfect.

I do not think it needs a story mode, but a classic arcade mode with 8 normal rounds, shadow lords to me is just one of those modes games include as a bonus not the main single player experience. Not saying its bad I am saying I have no interest in gimmick modes like that over arcade mode. Give me 8 rounds vs the cpu depending on how you defeat the enemy changes your ending.

I know people think its a better story mode, but I do not enjoy it as much as a classic story mode I find myself going back to season 2s and 1s story mode way more often.


In my opinion its not at all perfect, the story mode only features certain characters, they need to do what they did with season 2 having every character has a story thats goes together for an over all plot, or even like what Mortal Kombat did but still using the same cinematic style IG used for the cutscenes

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I’ll just take a full length 3 hour movie for a story mode. Please IG? :slight_smile:

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I’d rather have an animated series or comic series.

That too. But I’m talking for just story mode purposes in-game.

Season 2 only has story mode for the 8 season 2 characters. Also, when you disagree with someone who states their opinion, itsbetter to preface it with “I have a different opinion” rather than just a statement of fact that they are wrong.

People are going to have different opinions about playing SL. I think the cinema and story itsel contained within the mode is great. The story bits for Kim Wu and Tusk are really nice - which means people want more if that for all the characters.

Myself, I would be happy with a simple arcade mode. I actually liked S1 story mode so I’m not super picky.

I’d love that too, but IIRC the only reason MS got the trademark for a KI game was if they do not produce a TV show with that name since that would conflict with an earlier, completely unrelated TV show named Killer Instinct made by FOX. Or maybe that’s just a rumor I read somewhere. :confused:
EDIT: Engadget article for reference.

I love the last sentence in the article. Little did they know… Also, that show was complete crap. I understand that they still want the rights to the show just in case, but that’s not going any further than where it is currently. Just look at Firefly… Goddamn FOX.

Season 3 only has like what 5-6 characters that have cutscenes, i’m not saying that shadow lords cant be fun…for other people but in my opinion shadow lords should have been a separate mode from story mode, the mode is something you would play on a phone not a console fighting game. And aracde mode is all well and good but season ones arcade mode wasn’t a “story mode” season 2’s Rivals atleast had a reasoning for everything to be happening with mostly all the characters

Eh, to each his own. I don’t really understand why S2 is all that much better than S1. Yes the cinematics are better. But I watch the cinematics once and never again.

The good and the bad of Shadow Lords is that it is a bona fide game mode. There’s something going in in this mode beyond just one on one fights against the AI. I agree with you that some people are going to enjoy this a lot more than others. I have played it enough to unlock the astral plane, but the stage didn’t unlock. That’s about the limit of my interest. But I can see why for some folks this would be a LOT more fun than a simple story ladder. And that’s fine with me. Everything they do doesn’t have to be built for me.

yea plus in my opinion i feel season 2 is better casue it gives a reason for why certain characters exist instead of like "yea theres an alien fighting a dinosaur with no reasoning behind it

I agree that some people like it but it’s like saying guilty gears MOM is better then arcade mode or blazblues unlimited Mars mode sure they are options for people who like single player but they should never replace a simple arcade mode with a story which shadow lords at this point in time sadly did for the season 3 characters that is.

Also as someone who always liked the what would happen if this guy one ____ here is what would happen endings shadow lords was not good I also dislike modes with modifiers it’s not what I play single player for I play it for story. I also do not like grand stories in fighters limits what the ending can be. I always preferred the non canon endings in street fighter Classic ki and blazblue for those reasons

thank goodness I checked


easy fix, call it KI

Why “can’t” we take SLs as a story mode? Where specifically does it fail on that front for you?

i completely agree with that statment about it being an extra mode instead of a story mode

I think it’s a great method for delivering the story. Certain missions are story chapters that give you cutscenes and that’s how the story’s delivered. I think we’ll get even more of that when the Eyedol content drops.

Also keep in mind that each season had a story mode that was specifically meant for those specific characters. Season 1’s was the worst, in my opinion because it only had non-canon “what if” endings.

Season two did well by it’s characters, but season one characters were a footnote at best. It’s not like any of them had cutscenes.

Shadowlords is by far and away the best (to me), because there are a few cutscenes strewn in there for characters in other seasons like Kan Ra and Sabrewulf and hopefully there will be more on the way for characters that don’t have any cutscenes.

But obviously season 3 will have less cutscenes as as season because you have Rash, Arbiter and Raam. They’re not part of the canon story, they’re guests. So why would they get story cutscenes?

Okay, so you’re immediately down to five characters. Eyedol and Gargos are locked because their content is still upcoming in the next week or two. Okay, now you’re down to three characters, each of whom, I believe, got four cutscenes, which is more than what characters got in season 2 (where I believe they all got three).

In an ideal world, there would be more story-based missions that were less about clearing a challenge and more about actually advancing the story. I played a mission with Orchid last night and she challenged ARIA, which seemed like a big deal from a story standpoint, an epic showdown between the underground fighter trying to flush out ultratech and the AI leader of ultratech, but I defeated Aria and all she said was that she was amazed by humans ability to destroy themselves, or something along those lines.

So stuff like this should either have a cutscene, or it should be part of a greater “Orchid-centric” mission structure that’s not just one mission, but a series of missions that has a LOT of dialog going on and perhaps some sort of storyboards as well; something to tell me that what’s happening is part of the central narrative and that it’s a big deal.

I think that this is really the only knock I have on Shadowlords. They have an opportunity to convey a ton of actual, canon story through it using a variety of methods including, but by no means limited to cutscenes and so far, their approach here has been somewhat limited. I’d like to see them expand the story and actually advance it a bit more as they add more content.

But as far as the delivery method; an endless mode with tons of variety, items, unlocks, rewards, etc, I think it’s fantastic. I’d love more rewards like skins and maybe, hopefully a bonus character, but the delivery method itself is perfect. They just need to expand the narrative and actually push the narrative forward more and advance it for all of the characters, which it seems like they’re more than capable of doing. That just takes time to create the content, obviously. I’m assuming the biggest part is done, so hopefully we’ll get something resembling a stream of SL story / mission / reward content in the future.

Here’s hoping! :slight_smile:

i dont think they making story cutscenes for any other characters, and even though they have guest characters they could have given them some fun story cutscenes cause if they and others dont have cutscenes whats the real point of playing as them? I think the mode is fine for certain people but like others i see it as a completely separate mode from story mode, even the cutscenes we do get are spread out to the point that you dont get enough info or you dont even remeber what happend.

i personally wish we got a seson 2 type story or even one like the MOral Kombat games but done in the same cinematic style as the season 2 & 3 cutscenes i would gladly pay for that if they even wanted to do another community fund