STORM179 KI Livestreams

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Going live with some KI - drop by if you can :slight_smile:

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That url is getting more and more jumbled over time, lol. You were supposed to take the spaces out!


Lol. I noticed that last night :joy:


Gonna be going live with some KI here in a bit. Come stop by! :slight_smile:


Going live with KI - this time, learning how to use this pesky “up” button. Sadira incoming! :slight_smile:



Hey, are you still streaming sometimes?


Not really. It’s been a number of months since I’ve streamed. I think about doing it some more from time to time, but am generally busy during the times where it’d be feasible to get people not on this side of the world to watch it. :confused:


It’s not KI, but I’ll be streaming some Soul Calibur 6 tonight at 930 (930am EST) if anyone wants to drop by :slight_smile:


I will be there