STORM179 KI Livestreams

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Going to stream some KI at 8est. Come drop by :slight_smile:


Last KI stream before Singapore! :hushed:

@TheNinjaOstrich @KevBones10 @SonicDolphin117


Hey, @STORM179, this is your channel? I found some fights between good gamers here: I’m asking because you are in all fights I watched of this guy’s channel. I already subscribed. Most of them I know from the forums and/or because KI championships. I would love to have more time to watch all video footage about KI, but each video has 40+ min :sweat_smile: some of them I finish after a couple of hours. I need to understand these Hisako moves, I’m attacking and then… I just stop and get countered :sweat: KI is so complex to understand, I have a lot to learn about this game.


Yeah, that is my channel. I don’t really manage it or anything, and pretty much only use it to place match videos.

If you want to learn more about Hisako or specifically ask for MU advice or knowledge, feel free to ask. I’d recommend using some of the other threads in the sub-forum though, just so that we can have the various kinds of Sako MU info a bit more consolidated.

And sorry for the delayed response - been pretty busy with life stuff lately.


A @STORM179 set is being reviewed by @Infilament


So feeling like a KI stream tonight. Say around 10pm or so (10am EST). Drop in if you can :slight_smile:


I’ll be there… Not sure If I’m ready to die this morning… but I’ll be there.


Lol. We don’t have to play or anything - just your company is appreciated :slight_smile:


Well I’m awake now and raring to go.


And stream is live:


Gonna be streaming in about 15 minutes or so. Drop by if you’ve got the time :slight_smile:


Streaming some KI now :slight_smile:


I can’t watch, cause I’m at work… life is so unfair. :stuck_out_tongue:


Going live for another morning (EST) stream. Drop in by!



Better link.


Going to be streaming in an hour or so (9am EST) - drop by if you’ve got the time :slight_smile:

Hope that link isn’t going to autoplay itself… :thinking:


All twitch links autoplay. The best way I’ve found to get around that is to do a url hyperlink where the link and the text are the same, for example:

[url =][/url ] (without spaces)


Just a heads up that I will be streaming in about 8-9 hours. Gonna be trying out my new hitbox for the first time, so should be an “interesting” stream to say the least.

Fair warning: I make no promises to not suck during the entirety of this process :grimacing::+1:t5:


Stream is going live - come watch me be terrible on hitbox :open_mouth:

[url =][/url ]


Going live with round 2 for learning hitbox. Gonna focus a bit this time on working on some execution stuff, but will be playing some matches as well. Stop by if you’ve got time. :slight_smile:

[url =][/url ]