STORM179 KI Livestreams

I got a notification on my Xbox App saying Storm is streaming and I was like “whaaaaaa???”

If you want to support hype members of the community, here’s your chance #PlayKI @STORM179


Lol. I appreciate the shout-out @DurtyDee810 - you really didn’t have to do that :slight_smile:

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Low key, I kinda think I do. We’re not obligated to do it because the community will survive regardless. But If I want to continue to see hype sets and exciting gameplay without all the toxicity, I need to do this.

I like to promote skilled, knowledgeable and entertaining players (players like @UABass, @F3Sleep, @INDIxion, and ect). You’re the type of streamer that I want to promote and throw money at.


Haha. I appreciate that. How was the stream quality? Beam didn’t generate a VOD like it’s supposed to, so I’ve got no idea what the stream looked or sounded like unfortunately.

And most importantly - I hope the stream was fun :slight_smile::thumbsup:


If you aren’t a partner with Twitch, YouTube and Beam provide better quality streams than Twitch in my experience (maybe that’s changed tho idk).

Yours was pretty decent tho. You’re mic was pretty clear too when you had it on. just stop by no need to throw money. And thanks for the shoutout i try


Kindly appreciate the shoutout. Just trying to give back. I was once an online warrior, and even before then, just your average stream monster.

Glad you’re all enjoying the content!


I hate to be a spoilsport but I think that streaming through any other platform than Twitch is bad idea. It’s only shattering all the potential viewers.

Not saying or Beam is bad in any way, just saying it’s a horrible idea to divide our already small audience into even smaller pieces, and they are never going to migrate completely to any of the playforms.

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Yeah, I just went with Beam because it’s what the X1 drives you towards now. Going to try and stream tomorrow afternoon on Twitch - think I figured out how to do it. So long as the interface is solid then it’s all good. Not trying to make this into anything major so won’t be buying any new hardware, but so long as the Twitch stuff is functional and not crappy I don’t mind streaming via it instead.

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I’ll tune in sometime if you stick to it @STORM179 I’ll have to sign up for Beam so I can be active in the chat if you continue to stream on Beam instead of Twitch.

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Appreciate it. Like I said, so long as the Twitch app functionality/ease of use is solid, then there shouldn’t be any need. I appreciate it though!

Just a heads up that I’ll be streaming in about half an hour (this time on Twitch) at 3PM EST.

@DurtyDee810 @TheNinjaOstrich @ItzTymeToDul @JetstreamDan @INDIxion


I don’t have a beam account.

Just use your Microsoft/Xbox Live account.

Storm’s Twitch

Why would anyone stream on anything other than Twitch, that’s just… like… what a waste. The viewage struggle is hard already, why make it harder and shatter everybody. Really bad idea.

The only thing wrong with beam is low viewers. It only has low viewers because everyone’s on twitch. Everyone is only on twitch because that’s where the viewers are. It’s a vicious cycle, twitch is self sustaining, we must break it by abandoning twitch!

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Eh. Lower latency, more ways to interact, and for me, it is easier to use.

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If you’re not looking to make a profit, Beam and YouTube Live are way more convenient in my opinion for both the streamers and the audience.

Hopping on to do some KI streaming. Will also be taking requests for sets, so if you want to play shoot me a message :thumbsup: