Steam Launch Q&A


I get slow downs randomly that are cured on alt tab. Have about an hour left to get a refund.

Phenom 965 ii 4x4ghz
8gb ddr3 1600 mhz
1060 3gb
windows 7 64bit pro sp1

Also crashes on exit


I apologize if someone has already written about this and I will repeat … but …
Why you spit on us again?
At one time I installed WINDOWS 10 solely because of KILLER INSTINCT. She annoyed me (and still), but I put up with the opportunity to play KI. And then released for STEAM … But the owners of the DE were not given same in Steam … There is no transfer of the progress either. You know what I say? go to hell with such a marketing policy. I will install my favorite and stable win 7, download from the Internet KI and absolutely will not feel remorse.
"we want… we try…better experience"
What prevented you from giving REEDEM CODE to those who bought the DE version in your counter? (for example)
I’m not saying that people were thrown on KI Classic both STORE and STEAM. I stil angry. peoples can play ten years ago on PC with emulator but not oficial on PC in 2017!)
Also kilgore not available…(but maybe if for a while… it doesnt matter anymore)


But people have been giving lots of reasons why they can’t do this. It’s not that they didn’t want to. I don’t think they can.


What is with all these people wanting free steam versions? Never in any of the other gaming communities I’ve been a part of have I seen people demanding free copies of ports to other platforms. Why is it only Ki people demanding this?


I agree it’s weird, but I also think it’s a side effect of KI’s very weird pricing structure. They are giving free stuff to people who bought very specific versions at very specific times, so it’s easy to kinda feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick when you paid more money for a different version just before the other one was announced.

But yeah, asking for a free version on another platform is a little strange.


Over 5k sold on Steam. Not amazing, but given it’s an old game that a lot of people got on Win10 already, I think it isn’t bad. It’s also on 87% userscore and 500 peak concurrent.
Marvel has 26k sold but 65% userscore and 1k concurrents which is low for the copies sold. Fair to say marvel had a lot more exposure than KI and also it’s a brand new game.


That’s actually not bad considering how abysmal the day 1 numbers were. I guess all the tweeting I’ve seen helped finally spread word.


I’m thinking it is a side-effect of Xbox Play Anywhere. Last year, we were introduced to the idea of owning a copy of KI on the Xbox One meant that you owned it on Windows 10 PCs for free. This expectation has migrated towards to Steam version.


Is the Steam version at full price cheaper than most bundles available through the Xbox store? It’d be nice to see all pricing for the game bought sensibly in line now, it needs to make sense across the board for all platforms.

Since owning the game I can say that it has the most confusing pricing structure I’ve ever seen.

After shelling out for a hard drive to put win 10 on and a fight stick, I was running out of cash to buy the actual game, so only picked up the season 1 and 2 combo breaker edition and ever since then I’ve been waiting for the “bare bones” version of season 3 to be cheap enough for me to consider it without having to purchase stuff I already bought/ ensuring I wasn’t actually spending more than I would if I’d have gotten DE instead, which I only noticed had happened about a month ago, I haven’t picked it up yet but I digress.

Steam users massively enjoy sales, keep this in mind and normalize the pricing structure across the win 10/Xbox store, too.


What version of the KI is on sale on steam? The description of the content on steam is very poor and I have friends asking if the game comes with everything the DE edition have (mostly if it comes with the entire cast including the new ones).

Also, I see people that have an xbox one commenting that they will BUY the steam version because they don’t know the game is play anywhere. You guys must advertise this because it’s unfair for steam costumers to buy a game that they already have the right to play on PC because they don’t know that the game is already available for those who have it on xbox.

Edit: Well, I got the answers at the Q&A document, but would be nice to link it on steam.


“Ultimately we decided on the following, and most important part of this paragraph: all Gold and Terror skin packs will be free for KI: Definitive Edition owners in the coming days.”

Any word on this? Weeks? Months?


You guys have got to be kidding with this! This is the worst of all the the possible outcomes for this game. It’s laughably bad marketing and customer support all at once! Have fun sucking on steam, ki.


Uncle festor or whatever uploaded a mod tutorial on YT


Yes, how dare these sons of ■■■■■■■ release the game on another platform. What ■■■■■■■■.


i have to question though why ranked is excluded from crossplay
and why they don´t add the free character rotation to steam … missed oportunity imo


I think it was so that people couldn’t stomp new players from xbox version… I would hope that later this year they add cross ranked multiplayer