Steam Launch Q&A


well we didnt but another dude popped in @DarkLrdChuckles haha and we ended up playing a quick best of 3. so i only tried once and so far and it basically resulted in someone else playing.


I’m just wondering if there’s a cheaper way to “upgrade” to the definitive edition, since the first time i tried to buy it, it wasn’t available on the Win10 store at the time, due to some technical bugs and whatnot. I already bought the other bundles because of that issue, and just want to have it all without shelling out another $50 on top of the $50 i already spent.

TL;DR : Easy Upgrade would be nice :wink:

EDIT: The price dropped to the same price point as the steam version, which is a little better


It’s probably better to ignore stupid things that you don’t like, rather than spread them and amplify their message…

On topic, I haven’t had much trouble with my PC version from the Win10 store, although admittedly I still play primarily on Xbox. But I have had lots of trouble with Win10 and because of what turned out to be a bad RAM stick I ended up reinstalling several times over the last few months. Reinstalling KI from the Windows Store is a nightmare. It never just loads- it invariably fails then mysteriously loads later while I’m sleeping. So I’m tempted to get the Steam version just to avoid this issue in the future. If it was linked to my Xbox content I wouldn’t hesitate. But I don’t really want to start all over with grinding for colors etc.

Frankly, if I had a lot of Steam friends (I don’t) who were planning to buy the game I would drop the $30 just to let me invite them to lobbies etc.


The game on Steam only supports 720P why dont supports 4k? if in windows 10 version supports 4k is that a discriminatio for the steam players?

I was checking the graphic options and the max resolution is 720p, i have a 4k monitor and all the new games on steam supports 4k. You will correct this issue?


Any reason why the Definitive Edition is $52CAD on the Windows Store, but $44CAD ($33CAD on the current sale) on Steam for what seems to be the exact same content?


I bought KI Supreme Edition on Windows Store when it launched on PC. Will I recieve a key or something to activate on Steam? I want to have the Steam version, but obviously I don’t want to pay the game again. Thanks!


You do not get the steam version for owning KI on another platform. I don’t get free steam keys for any other title i own on xbox or win10.


It is a pity that in this PC version, again, do not include classic games!! Why not release a separate kit? Of course, the online mode is of prime importance in this!


just install mame32 and download the roms. for the Xbox one users not allowed to play very old-retro games but pc players do.


398 players peak.

Good job M$, you made all efforts you could to make sure nobody knows about ki.

Can someone tell me why so many gaming publishers these days are so clueless and out of reality? Why they don’t care? Why they make developers work their butts off to make games look and play well then dont give a half damn about exposing this product anywhere and it becomes dead like ki?

Info blackout then release outta nowhere
No trailer
No single streamer/youtuber playing
No ad on steam frontpage

Waiting for even more powerful xbox one Y with no games on it.

KI’s hipsterity aura is a meme at this point.

EDIT: Don’t worry about KI sequel too. Even if it gets announced in this decade, it will propably get cancelled to move resources to another Minecraft re release or some ■■■■.


I tried Steam many years ago, and while I didn’t care for it, it’s fantastic to see that Killer Instinct is on Steam! I’m sure that it’ll be a hit on the new platform, and I will gladly welcome all of the brand-new players to our 10,000,000+ member family. I hope that I get to play someone from Steam on my Xbox One soon!

I’ve never been one to care about playing games on my PC, [I’m a console kind of guy, and when you work on your PC all day, you appreciate gaming on a completely different platform!], but I AM getting a major upgrade by Halloween, and I will absolutely check out the Windows 10 version on my new Surface Laptop when it gets here. Looking forward to it!

Lucky ducks even get the bonus Gold Skins too! I’m not jealous… Nope… (Maybe just a little, but I’m still collecting Shadow Skins, so it’s all good. :yellow_heart: )

Fight On!



Why killgore is not free for Definitive Edition Users?


Ah , I saw an old thread where keits said it was windows 10 only :confused:


Anyone know if a PC hitbox works w/this version? I have to use joy2key on the W10 version :frowning:


He will be. The key phrase was “in the next a couple of days”. If they dont pop up right away, it will happen be patched in soon.


Out of curiosity, where did you get the player count from?



I recall it being stated that both DE and S3 Ultra editions (which I would assume also counts the Supreme edition) owners would get Eagle for free. Now that the steam version is out and they are saying DE owners get Eagle, Kilgore and Shin Hisako for free. Does that mean that S3 Ultra edition owners no longer get him?


In their initial press release regarding Eagle, they stated that

The second, and perhaps most important part, is that Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition owners will receive Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and Eagle for free! Going to step aside here and peel back the development curtains a bit – wording is paramount, and there was a key phrase missing from this announcement. “when the Steam version rolls out.”

… as an added bonus, anyone who has purchased the Season 3 Ultra Edition will receive Eagle for free (once we get things in the backend working).

I see nothing to suggest that S3 Ultra Edition owners will not receive Eagle for free :thinking:


Rukizzel handling this thread like a champ.

Can someone spot me $30 so I can get this game now instead of waiting for payday tomorrow? I’ll pay you back, promise! I’m like a Lannister!

400 aint bad at all for a steam fighter. Especially one that was unnanounced. ASW games, Skullgirls, KoF14, etc all still have solid online playerbases on steam and only average 150-300 players at once.

official steam site,, steamspy, and steamcharts.