Started a long term relationship with Hisako

I’m new to the game, and just learning some mechanics.

So I decided to start my KI journey with TJ Combo (as my main cause he’s awesome) , but I’ve always been looking forward to Hisako.

The reason is that she looks awesome and is a real challenge for me to get into the game with this unique and complex character, not planning on jumping online anytime soon with her. I just wanna chill out and get to know her before introducing her to my parents.

Any tips or advices on how to make the best out of this character? So our relationship grows strong.

Best Regards

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I dunno if having a relationship with a ghost is a good thing. May or may not be hazardous to your health.


The best thing about Hisako is that she doesn’t have many openers and linkers are very easy- it’s just imperative you switch your autodoubles and mix it up for breakability purposes.

Hisako easily became one of my mains once I got to know her- and hope that to be true of Kim soon!


Thanks man, I’ll keep that in mind,

I’ve realized about her linking possibilities after a few friendly matches, also I’m under the impression that breaking her is kind of hard…she’s kind of hard to read, or maybe I’m just guessing =/

use her delayed auto-doubles too, if you’re going that route.

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Hi OP!

We have a few solid Hisakos around these parts - if you’re able to post replays, I’m sure we’d be happy to offer some analysis!

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sorry about my ignorance…but, what’s a delay auto double?

Really? Nioce, when I get to move her around better I’ll upload some replays to get opinions :smiley:

Hisako can hold down the strength she used for the auto-double to delay the 2nd hit, making it harder to guess the timing of the break. Try it out in training, its fun.

Ok, that sounds awesome and challenging at the same time.

I appreciate the advice

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if you can have your wrath at 100% whether by natural regen, or by popping instinct mid combo…make sure you do her wallsplat ender.a slightly delayed influence command grab with 100% wrath will allow you to do horrifying damage after the wall splat. regular throw damage? pfftt. how about another potential 50-60% life bar erasing combo instead? also her influence command grab beats regular throws, so if they try to tech you, they will eat sh!!t instead and get hacked apart by you.

other things to consider:

-j.FK can cross up

-far st.FK > possession command grab is a nice tick throw.

-st.LK is a nice normal that interrupts alot of stuff. UPDATE: cant combo off it, but still a good poke nonetheless. works great when the opponent is constantly on the offense not caring about your counter

-TK ORZ is a necessity. its an airborne On Ryo Zan. however, she does it instantly without you having to jump anywhere. to do it, its quarter circle forward as normal, but you’re gonna sweep the pad or stick all the way up to midnight 12 o clock instead then press whatever strength. learn it, master it, and practice it every session before you fight for at least 5 minutes. full wrath TK ORZ combos and it really screws with ppl.

-Counter bait. if you know the opponent will shadow counter you, and if you got the wrath for it, you can interrupt your own attack for counter. so you’ll counter their counter. then lol. you can also use it to save your own as$ if you whiff a normal/special and you can read the opponent will punish. 50% wrath required

-Counter can stop those pesky resets. some guys drop combos and just slap on another normal or special to combo off you. just counter that junk and teach em a lesson. it works wonders, they instantly lock out on you majority of the time.

all i got for the moment sorry for the novel. enjoy taking Hisako out, just be sure you dont talk about the past or anything. shes rather…haunted by it.


Thank you for taking the time to explain more about her, I’ll do my best
to make her happy :D…or more angry, whichever works XD

If you don’t feel like consciously delaying your input, the heavy version has a slower startup so if it’s input instantly it will still reset about 95% of the time. I’ll actually do this sometimes regardless of wrath meter, because the un-scaled damage from the wrathless grab isn’t too bad and it scores us a knockdown (Hisako loves her knockdowns).

Actually about 1:30 will do just fine :smiley: As long as the “up” input is registered it will work - so “Up-Forward” will work for the same purpose.

You can combo off of St.LK? I’ve never seen it, could you show me how that’s done?
I do know that you can combo off of J.LK and J.LP on grounded opponents, but I’ve never seen a combo stem from St.LK or Cr.LK.

Grounded ORZ is great bait for this - but do keep that wrath meter in mind.

@RafaMang - a lot of Hisako’s game is centered around surprise. You have to pay attention to your opponent enough to know what they will expect you to do, so that you can do something they don’t expect.

sure can, it ■■■■■■ ppl off getting a poke then eat a large combo full of lockouts lol.

st.LK > ORZ > combo

edit: you have to be fast on reaction. i do it all the time assuming the LK will hit. so even if blocked im doin ORZ no matter what and mixing it up with FP variant to stop wise guys from poking or throwing.

Hmm… sounds like you’re catching people not blocking after the St.LK… (which I’ve definitely done, in the past 24 hours as a matter of fact LOL)

Go into training mode, set the dummy to Auto-Block, and then try St.LK>ORZ. I’m willing to bet the dummy blocks the ORZ.

This debate is getting more interesting by the hour, I think I’ve learned more reading your comments than watching hours of videos on youtube XD

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Thank you for the good advice and insights @Marbledecker

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Best of luck @RafaMang! Becoming besties with Hisako is a long road full of hard work, but it’s very rewarding, and you’ll find this particular sub-forum to be very supportive. :smiley: :fist:

i start with LP ORZ, ill try it after work. could be also the guy not blocking, but so far it has never failed me. they’re like WHAT? LOCK OUT

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Is a long way to make a good relationship but god I love this girl <3 <3 <3

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