Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta!

Now that we are able to play the game, what’s y’all opinion on it? Does it succeed where Battlefront didn’t or did it fall flat? Share your opinions on what you like and what you would like changed.

Personally I’m in love with officer and jet trooper rn, I’ve had more fun with them then the time I spent as heroes or villains. Just wish there was something like a medic class, I believe it would promote even more teamplay and objective play. Also, still disappointed that they don’t have the space battles of the old games…but we can finally play as droids again! Roger Roger! The core gameplay seems to feel similar to BF1 with faster guns but it still has enough aspects of it own to have its own identity. I’m not so sure about the point system, since I feel it punishes new players for not being as good at the game, but who knows. I wonder if the roll will a lot more heavily used in the future (I don’t like holding B to crouch, feels unnatural). Connection has been really good…except for these rare moments where it drops SIGNIFICANTLY and I can’t even know where I’m going. Overall, I can see a good future in this game, as long as it doesn’t copy the failures of the last title.



I like the gameplay of Battlefront 2, it’s way more fun than the first one and I like that new Maps and Characters are gonna be free. I just want to play as General Grievous! (he is already confirmed to come sometime after launch.)

I’m happy that there are all eras in this game. My biggest problem with Battlefront 1 was that the clone wars weren’t included because even though others don’t like the prequels, they are my favorites!
They’re more sci-fi than the original trilogy (which are more fantasy) and more grounded in reality (as much as a movie about space wizards can be).

What I don’t like is the way you unlock things. The only way to do that is via loot boxes.
I say that again: you can ONLY unlock things via LOOT BOXES. Who thought that this was a good idea?


I’m enjoying it.

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I don’t see any other threads on this game, unless I’m just missing them. Either way, it’s kinda surprising given that this is apparently EA’s only big Star Wars offering for a while.

Just curious, as I can’t seem to find this out anywhere else… Can anyone tell me…

-How long is the campaign supposed to be in BF2? Would there be any reasons to replay it?

-Are there any other single player modes besides the campaign? Have they talked about any that might come as DLC?

-Are any of the multiplayer modes local split screen, or do they all have to be played online with a ton of strangers?

-Can any of the multiplayer modes be played offline with just me and a bunch of bots?

I’m just curious, since while I liked Titanfall 2’s campaign, it was over in about 5 hours, zero replay incentives, and then everything else seemed to be online multiplayer. That’s not really my jam, so I wound up selling it about a week after I bought it.

I’m hoping not to do the same thing with BF2 if I decide to buy it, as it looks gorgeous and looks like a game that’d be fun to play. Buuuuut… I also don’t love playing online with strangers yelling at me. Is there anything in the game or on the horizon that should entice me to keep this long term or would this just be another Titanfall 2 situation for me?

If anyone has any guidance here, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

I think they said ten hours or so for the campaign. Not long for a full fledged single player game but probably just right, in my opinion, for something like this.

EDIT: I lied. It looks like they are saying 5-8 hours (which means 5).

I guess I should add that there is a split screen “arcade” mode that I didn’t really like in the demo. I haven’t sorted out all the various modes for the full game.


Thanks, Andy! Yeah I’m really hoping they add more single player content. Not even sure what it would look like, whether it’s a story prologue or epilogue (both highly unlikely), or additional level or game types or whatever. I’d love to have some long term single player options, especially if they’re not just an excuse to bleed my wallet, but hell… if they’re good and fun, I wouldn’t mind throwing down a bit more, even if EA’s while approach to games kinda sickens me now.