Stages and Costumes in the future

Recently I have seen an article on IGN that detailed upcoming stages and costumes for Street Fighter 5, and this got me thinking. If Capcom can do this for a fighting game that has been out for several year why don’t Iron Galaxy do the same for Killer Instinct. This to me sounds like the perfect excuse that we need to bring forth the missing stages for the season 3 characters and a few extra costumes on the side. With the kind of prices that Capcom are charging for these extra’s (£21.99) I think this could be a perfect opportunity to reignite peoples passion for K.I and keep it alive and well as they have been doing so for 4 years. What do you guys think? Is it worth looking into?

More content won’t revitalize a game. It will be like a fall of a tree but nobody to hear it.

Besides, KI is getting content for 4 years, I look forward to see what content will SF5 get three years from now.

PS: it will propably be skins for chun li.


Ki is coming to steam. If the steam port doesn’t prevent you from doing things that you want, then we may have modders available to include those items. Who knows?

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Hasnt SF5 only been out for like an year and a half?

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You know what I’d like to see? Eagle has a separate-from-owning-the-character Premium accessory pack that must be paid for with KI Gold, so why not create a Premium set for Shadow Jago, Omen, Kilgore, and Shin Hisako as well?

I’d be happy to part with my gold for all four Premium sets so the entire cast has one, and I’ll bet that plenty of other KI fans would too. What about you guys?


Yeah, my bad.

What game is that?

In all seriousness there’s no good reason why MS can’t do this with KI. I can only speculate about the economics. One of the invisible things we don’t see is that Capcom is a game developer while MS has contracted out the work of KI to good external development houses (DH and IG). As a result Capcom has likely got artists and designers in house and planning this work is probably easier for them.


Honestly, and maybe this goes more to the bigger picture, but I just want to know what’s going on with the future of this game. I know we have more ultimates on the horizon, but I feel like we’re now through the post season 3 characters, most of the previously announced skin packs (I think the Omen pack is the last one, yes?) and with no announcement at E3, as Rukari was gracious enough to tell us before hand (much appreciated!), we’re kind of in the dark right now.

I’m sure it’s tough to tell your fanbase “we’re essentially done with this game” as that could drive people away from it and who knows, maybe that decision hasn’t even been made definitively yet. But if there’s more to come, whether that’s another season, more post season characters, more skins, more stages, etc, it would be nice if we got a more definitive road map.

Who knows, maybe that happens at Gamescom? MS didn’t show a ton of new, exclusive stuff at E3, so maybe they’re gearing up toward a big showing in Germany? Maybe KI is part of that? I’m not getting my hopes up by any means, but hopefully they’ll be able to tell us more at some point.

As far as stages and costumes, I would absolutely pay for more of each. I’d love to see Mira and Eyedol get their own stages, and I think it’d be cool to do some sort of stage recoloring for Hisako’s stage and Fulgore’s stage for Shin Hisako and Kilgore.

I’d also love to see some cool, stylish new outfits for as many characters as possible. I don’t need a theme, I just want them to be cool and to hopefully fit what the character would wear or how they’d look based on their background / story, etc.

Just as I’ve shelled out for every skin pack, I’d ABSOLUTELY shell out for more stages (brand new, non-character specific, classic stages revisited, sky stage, whatever), more skins, more outfits, etc. More KI please!! :slight_smile:

Right now I look forward to the final rebalancing (RAAM is one of my mains and Shinsako is a catastrophe). I would also like stage recolorings for the characters who don’t have them (seeing as every tournament match winds up on Devil’s Landing, give us the old red Thunder’s Stage recoloration for Eagle so it’s not always just blue blue blue onstream). And I’ve made my feelings on a proper branching story mode well known; I think it could be done cheap by reusing assets and be something we’ve never seen (nonlinear).

I think we sit well with enough stages. If anything, I would like a neutral stage that doesn’t necessarily belong to any character but is mainly used as a tournament/dojo type setting.

As for costumes/colors, I like that IG is working with colors and adding unique styles to them like the Shadow or Mimic skin which gives of a smoke-like animation. Similarly how the gold/silver skin(s) give a metallic look to emphasize the “bling factor”.

Despite that, I truly want costumes to become a thing. Though, I think because we are already late into the development of KI and since it seems like it’s slowed down to a good level, I don’t think that will ever come sadly. Now, they can tell us to “stay tuned” as they usually do and we end up getting something similar to how we got Ultimates. So I wouldn’t fully put it past them, though costumes seem like they would be at the same level as stages considering time and attention to detail. I could be wrong but if stages are simply out of reach than the chances of costumes also seem bleak.