'Stage Ultra' Yell. (Shortened)

Topic says it all, what on earth transpired here?

Caught me by surprise last night playing the game outdoors with a bunch of people.

A pretty awkward moment.

Confirmation that the developers are still super-geeks at heart hahaha!

Anyway simply yelling, ‘Ultraaa!’ is just fine. Anyone with half a brain can tell that it’s the Stage Ultra.

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I don’t like it either but something tells me this is going off topic (just a heads up)


I am likewise not a fan of the Stage Ultra announcement. It’s a little over the top.

But this is like - the longest thread title I’ve ever seen on these forums, haha.


Title shortened


I liked it better when it was just “Ultraaaa.”
“Stage ultrrrrrrrrrrrr” makes me laugh for all the wrong reasons.

I do kind of like the ultra-specific extra phrase, like “knock-off” for Aria’s Stage etc.


I prefer to use the classic announcer since it keeps it short and sweet. If I had to pick a version I prefer then I would definitely go with the old ullllltrraaaaa and keep the new ending message like “knock-off.” Best of both worlds. I do appreciate the idea though, something that would set them apart. I feel like the “knock-off” accomplishes that, the accompanying stage ultra announcement isn’t necessary.


I honestly would like to see it changed to more like the classics where they don’t say “Stage Ultra” but instead maybe just yelled an echoing “knock off!!” Or something similar…then maybe just said, not yelled “stage ultra” while they were doing their victory pose.

Aside from that they really need better terms for the stage ultras other than the tower. Wrecked, cratered, buried, and banished just don’t have the same punch that Knock-off has.

…Wrecked could also be changed to Knock-off and still fit.
…Cratered could be replaced by something a bit more Halo…maybe something like Unfrigginbelieveable…

I always thought Splattered would work, as that is a kill name you can get for Running someone over with a Vehicle.

Yeah, I was thinking that too, but usually you get those more with land vehicles, so it didn’t really seem to sound right…and the splatter spree callouts didn’t seem to fit either…wheelman? Not fitting for a Banshee. I mean I know in Halo it is what you would get, but still.
Unfrigginbelieveable just seems like it would fit both Halo and KI callouts without sounding goofy. Plus you could say off-screen the Banshee racked up enough kills for the Stage Ultra to be considered the one that gets him the Unfrigginbelieveable…

It’s the most awkward thing in the game along with the stage ultra poses and the Aria Stage ultra falling animation. :frowning:
Remember in the old games they just yelled Ultraaaaaaaaaa Comboooooooooooo? That was pretty badass after landing a long ■■■ combo then knocking em out of the stage. :slight_smile:
In my opinion it should go back to the “Ultraaaaaaaaaa” soundclip and they should really tweak Aria’s stage ultra. It’s too long and the only character that I’d actually knock out just for it to be badass is Aganos. (He looks normal while falling)

I don’t mind the stage ultra callout myself but I think the call from the classic games for the ultras where characters fall should be reintroduced in it’s classic form. Moreover, I kind of agree with the "un-friggin-believable! idea, though I think to make that work as well as it could do we’d need a Halo announcer as well, as an option.

The voice that says “stage ultra” doesn’t sound quite right. The tone, the voice itself… It just doesn’t sound like it fits with any of the other announcers and thus feels out of place. I’d personally prefer it if they just used the “ultra” voice and then have someone say knock-off or wrecked or cratered or whatever and try to match that to the voice being used currently as much as possible.


Exactly - it feels like it’s “Not the right take” of the yell or something.

Then again I’m a voice/audio guy so it probably bugs me more than most.

For me, I think it’s just the fact that the voice is different from all of the other announcers. You’re used to hearing one voice through the whole match and then all of a sudden “Stayeeeeege ultra” comes out and it just sounds off because of how different it sounds. Like they either tried to match that voice to someone else’s voice and it just didn’t happen or they simply decided to do a completely different voice and not match it to any of the other voices at all. Either way, the effect is rather jarring.

I’d also argue what you suggested in that it might not have been the right take, or something along those lines. Just from a purely audio perspective and excluding how it sounds versus the other announcer voices. Taken in a vacuum, it just sounds off; like the vocal effect used was different or almost absent entirely, especially on the words after like “knock off” or “wrecked” or “banished” or whatever.

You combine the fact that it sounds off in and of itself with how jarring it is tonally when you’re used to hearing any of the regular announcers voice and it becomes something that I really hope they revisit and hopefully re-record. I’m not trying to be a jerk about it, either. I appreciate the sentiment behind putting that stuff in the game to begin with 100%. No question.

Only thing I disliked about the “STAGE ULTRA!!!” bit, is the announcer sounds a little inconsistent. Retro and ARIA hold up fine, but when Mike shouts it, it sounds less amped as previous narrations, almost like he was out of breath when shouting it.

Probably just me on that front, but that’s the only nitpick I had with the inclusion. Other than that, still a funny way to end a match after somebody gets slammed by wrecking ball into a billboard I must say.

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