Stage Ultra Announcement

I’m guessing it pertains to each stage ultra. So ARIA’s stage ultra could have “DEMISE!!!”

Why can’t we get the Halo announcer?


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For kan ra it’ll be “BYE FELICIA”


I swear if it’s not this I will riot!!
I think they said kan ras was banished.
There’s no more for the stage ultra bit. Just the word. Cratered, smashed and so on

Actually what they should have done is have each character speak something (if they can). But this works. Can we get it in ARIA’s voice please?

ok that was painful to watch/hear =/ Don’t mind the unreal tournament style “creamed” or whatever it says that I assume is unique to each stage ultra, but saying the actual words “stage ultra” was awful.


Toggles today. Toggles tomorrow. Toggles forever.

Wow, gotta admit, it sounds weird. But at least they’re trying. And I’m assuming Kan-Ra’s Stage Ultra will have the announcer screaming, “BANISHED!”

And for those who are confused what the announcer says near the end, it’s "CRATERED!"
Yeah, that ship crashed into the victim, leaving a crater.

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I like it. But hearing the stage word does feel kinda awkward. What other term could have they used though?

I’m not frustrated that LCD posted the video really, just that I couldn’t get a video done on this because of accessibility. I heard this when it was first shown on the stream and wanted to put the footage out there, but couldn’t find a way to do it.

I like it though, Looking forward to seeing how each announcer says it
Edit: This footage is far better than what I’d have got had I captured the stream where (I believe) they first showed the new announcement. I know a previous poster confirmed it, but to confirm again, the announcer says “cratered” at the end of the stage ultra. The volume’s a little odd, that’s all I think, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Now that just got me wondering. We all know Chris Sutherland returned to do additional voice clips for the Classic Announcer in Season 3. What if, not only he did the Season 3 character calls, he also did the Stage Ultra Announcements!?

Clearly a different voice actor, but to me it actually sounds so different that I’m questioning whether it’s official or not, or maybe a quick dev-version-only placeholder for something being added later on.

We have been asking for Stage Ultra callouts, but the “Stage Ultraaaaa” part sounds… Weird.

The stage word sounds weird. It works…but feels weird. But what else can you call it? I’m trying to think here.

I’m hoping this is a placeholder or just a temporary thing. That is incredibly disjointed.

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That sounded so weird/awkward and forced I’d much rather have the old announcer say just ultra instead lol. I’m probably gonna avoid doing stage ultras :/. Not sure why they just didn’t the classic KI 2 announcement “Knock Off Knock off”. Plz let IG look into this lord @rukizzel .

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I feel like they should’ve said “splattered” instead of “cratered.” Sure it would sound silly but it would reference the Halo games more.

Oh, also, thank god I don’t use that announcer XD


Oh, they could have used “No mercy” here. I think that would have worked quite well.


Just why?
Another feature nobody asked for.


To be fair, people did ask for this one.