Spamming shagos in the corner

ever since shago’s playable debut, ive been encountering nothing but spammers who do nothing but spam fireball and pizza cutter.

as a sadira/glacius player, its frustrating to say the least when theres nothing i can do. i manage to be patient and get close but then they’ll teleport to the other side and repeat the process. its not just me either, ive seen streamers make the same complaints about this issue.

i know some characters have good punishment methods like kan-ra’s spike, shagos slide, or fulgores teleport, but i feel like sadira and glacius dont have anything useful.

shadow shatter isnt fast enough since the fireballs are faster, and shadow spin attack whatever from sadira is too slow so they just pizza cutter out.

i know im not “high level.” but it just seems like most people dont play for fun anymore…even in exhibitions and its kinda making me more distant from the game

any recommendations, thoughts, etc?

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For Sadira,just spam crouching light kick. Enjoy the fireballs going over your head and the opponent gets frustrated and goes in and bam no more. Glacius can turn into a puddle.


puddle wont work since the rise up animation is unsafe.

i guess sadiras would work. its just lame how i have to do this in the first place lol

You don’t play a lame player the same way you do a “normal” player. If you do,you are going to have a harder time.


Puddle works for the majority of them but yeah I feel your pain people like that disgrace the character and he’s one of my favorite characters. That ■■■■ gets annoying real quick but all you gotta do is keep your cool and be patient and learn how to punish them. Even if you take a loss remember the next spammer will use the same tactics so set the practice dummy in training to do the same and find the best way to punish it.

i guess im just used to being able to easily punish ■■■■ like this in season 1. i feel like ever since season 2, defensive tactics have been minimized to ridiculous levels.
IE; season 1; jago spamming fireballs -> shadow windkick.

season 2; kan ra spamming swarm -> jump into swarm is the best option…?

like really?

and now i just have to join there lame game and spam c.light kick

If the Kan Ra is spamming swarms,you can just jab the swarm and it will be destroyed. Again,if they are playing lame,you need to play lame and adapt to it. As Aria says"Evolve or Die,the Choice is yours."


As a Sadira main there are several things you can do. Using LK and neutral jumping tech w/ various WB strengths will allow you to miss the greater majority of his fireball shenanigans.

When facing Pizza cutter spamming, simply block. Once the animation is done, Shago is vulnerable. Just don’t get into a hurry. Let him come to you.

by the time i hit one of them out hes already replaced it lol and thats another thing, once i catch up he just dashes out of the corner.

i just think its not fun to put in so much effort when theyre playing brain dead but thats just me i guess

Why are you putting effort when they are playing brain dead. Also walk and dash forward before the match begins and prevent him from doing the set ups if that helps.

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Zoning vs Spamming.

I have issues with Shago too. Maybe my reactions are just slow now or something but I feel like his slide kick is super fast lol the only way I can block it is if I am expecting it and block before he even does it. Between his slide kick and his tele-divekick this guy can be very irritating for me lol

As you develop as a player you will see that this tactic is not really efficient, you’ll get better at closing the distance and blowing up players who are playing predictably. I know it’s frustrating now but I promise you if you just keep working on it, you’ll see that it’s something you can easily overcome and these players will fall quickly to you if it’s the only tool they have to offer.

True zoning is typically difficult to do and is not brain dead versus players who understand how to get around it. You have to make reads and anticipate what they are going to do as such one miss timed fireball and you will get blown up. Most characters in the game have projectile invincible moves or moves that can evade projectiles and close distance. Sadira for example has down forward punch shadow that is projectile invincible and can punish someone who is being too predictable with projectiles.

Keep practicing. You’ll see :wink: Good luck!

Nah, I also don’t find hardcore zoning/runaway to be particularly enjoyable to play against. It’s mostly just annoying, even though I haven’t lost to the style in a long while.

But as others have said, there are a couple of ways around it. With Sadie, cr+LK is your best bet, and will allow you to walk forward and slowly push Shago into the corner without having to block fireballs and give him meter for surge shenanigans. Play patiently and move up little by little, and before long Shago will be forced to do something unsafe to try to get out.

Once you have the life lead, you are under no impetus to force your way in like that again. Force him to come to you, and don’t even bother trying to navigate the fireball bullet hell.

Ok everyone…this is what I do. Do you remember the lesson in the DOJO where you have to block the fireball then walk forward, block, walk forward, block walk forward…continue.

this is what I do, you build meter int he process and you can then shadow through his projectile or create some other mix up. He will stop when you inch your way forward.

Now your blocking has to be on point…MK X blocking on point…because he is going to Surge Slide or Dive kick eventually.

The more you hang back and allow it to happen the more they will continue spamming. But if you block every hit and move forward they will realize you have confidence and they will back off.

try it and let me know how it goes

Dont play those people if it bothers you that much… don’t let them dictate how much fun you have with the Game! Leave the match and move on to someone fun to play with. Isn’t that what the game is about? having fun?
Leave the match and block him… why let him ruin the game for you?

If you not ok with doing that, then use the advice on here… close the distance before the match begins, use dojo lesson and move forward after each blocked or ducked fireball. make sure your blocking is on point…shadow through once up close

i try but that backdash is quick.

I appreciate the feedback though.

If I encounter a match with a Spamming Shago, I will save it, and show you guys how I deal with it. I’ve even made a complete comeback with a Thunder getting zoned out. People have to stay calm and collected, and go for it. :smile:

Also there is one way to figure out how to counter it. Do it yourself. Spam as Shago. Then learn as someone beats it. If you win 20 matches in a row in ranked with that method,then you give up on figuring out how to beat it and complain it is op.

The quickest way to get rid of a spamming Shago is to get in their face. Like others have mentioned, walk forward and block, or if your character has a low profile special move (ex:Orchids light slide). Usually, those spammers will panic and throw out something unsafe, so prepare yourself for hectic button pressing. Stay controlled and patient, you’ll find the MU becoming easier.