Southwest Shockwave Tempe Arizona

With the realization that not many people may know about this tournament, thanks to this thread:

I would like to announce that The Gaming Zone in Tempe Arizona is hosting the Southwest Shockwave. Games include: SFV (PS4), UMvC3 (PS4), Tekken 7 (PS4), GGXrd:Rev2 (PS4), and (last but not least) Killer Instinct (XB1).

The tournament is taking place August 19th (Saturday), starting at 11am AZ time. (Yes, we have our own Timezone).

The venue (The Gaming Zone) is located at 930 w Broadway Rd. Ste 15, Tempe AZ, 85282.

Venue fee is $10. It is also $10 per game entered.

For more information, and to sign up, head to: and hit the Sign Up button.

Hope to see some of you in AZ next month.

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I dont live anywhere close to AZ but I will gladly help share this information! Good luck!

Just posting to say, this event is happening tomorrow! One change was made. The starting time is now at 12pm instead of 11am. So as soon as this post is 13 hours old, it’ll be happening!

You will be able to check out the tournament on

I highly recommend checking it out. Menzo and Warmachine are taking part, as well as me!

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