KI Tournament problem

How can we do a better job on getting the word out on them?

Since Evo snubbed us, a small vegas KI community hosted a little tournament elsewhere in Vegas last night. Notable participants were players like Sleep and PinkDiamond. Unfortunately if it wasn’t for a troll on PaulBs stream flaming the tournament for having less viewers than Paul I wouldn’t have even known the tournament was taking place. And while my personal experience isn’t merit enough for a post like this, I checked in with Infil and he was also unaware of such an event.

The tournament had like a consistent 80 viewers and I know there’s a lot more interest than that out there for this game and watching players like Pink and Sleep play. So where is our disconnect and how can we fix it?


Unfortunately unless I missed something the tournament was announced kind of late. I personally didn’t know about it until about a month before evo and by that point my self and many others had already made the decision to not go to evo and had made plans for other events like defend the north and absolute battle.

It might help if more people try to get in touch with @rukizzel and Microsoft regarding the ultra tour as…we don’t know what’s going on with it. Fun and ab8 would have been perfect chances to promote it but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. I know myself and other players have asked about it only to not get a definitive answer or no answer at all. Things like this just lead to people thinking the game is dead tournament wise.


I see. You make some good points. I was just focused on viewership but obviously getting the word out just for participants seems to be a problem as well.

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The initial news of the tournament was announced 2 months ago when KI lost the EVO ballet. the details of said tournament might have been late. But lets be honest, this is a problem for every tournament and stream. Most of the time I myself am the one who posts the links and creates a thread here on this forum. I finally just gave up…no one seems to care until they miss something.

If you want to fix it you have to take it into your own hands. Create a thread, post the links, post on Facebook, twitter, ect…

@DeathBlooms2K8 If you want to create a thread I dont mind helping post links and sharing on facebook come next tournament.


Couldnt agree more here… that damn KI tour seems non existent until you happen to stumble upon it on Twitch.

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I do what I can. I tweeted the KI account, Kiets and Brandon Alexander last night hoping they’d retweet the tournament news. Upon going through my feed it seemed like Kiets was interested in the tournament but didn’t have any details of when it started.

So yeah I try, but it’s usually too little too late and I’m a nobody in the community so my voice doesn’t stretch very far when it comes to reaching out to people.

I started following competitive fighting games back when MK9 came out. One thing I notice with the NRS community is that TestYourMight forums are on top of tourny news both when the events are and what the results of said events are. Here when it comes to KI I feel like there are some tournaments that happen that don’t even have vods to look back to it’s as if they never existed.

Theres literally been nothing announced about it since the ki world cup. Whether there’s something online or offline going on we should know something. Brandon confirmed that there will be one more kiwc for sure. But with the way ms is handling things it’ll likely be an open tournament at this point.

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I try to do what I can and it usually only helps the die hard fans on here and those I know on facebook.
I knew there would be an EVo side tournament, but I never seen any details other than what was posted on here way back when the EVo ballet ended.

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I say this in the nicest way possible. Players need to give up on MS support. If it was something for gears/halo they would have been all over it. I stopped hoping for MS when they took the time to talk about a Halo Wars 2 tournament that was going on, but left out that the tournament was held at the KIWC. They didn’t even take the time to plug their game, the one the whole tournament was about.

I might be alone in thinking this, but I think KI being Free to play has alot to do with the lack of true support.

I honestly didn’t hear about this tournament until last week. If had known about it earlier I totally would have gone. Even then, despite hearing about it last week I completely forgot to tune it because no one mentioned it anywhere!


It’s more that they announced 50k will go to tournaments. Then we hear nothing about it except 5k went to convo breaker and 5k went to CEO. Why announce it Then not do anything with it after the initial announcement which was back in march.

Not to be a jerk, but I would not be shocked if somehow the money found it’s way over to the Halo/Gears tournaments. Even if they do give some for KI, they would still use some of it for halo/gears tournaments inside the KI tournaments. Just like they did with Halo Wars 2 and the KIWC.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the money was in the form of employee raises to “research KI tournaments” and figure out if it is really worth it for them to do it.

There are so many ways for them to use that money and still be able to say “it was used for KI tournaments”. It can be done without them giving a single dime to the prize pool, or even hosting an event.

Again, I don’t mean to be a ■■■■, but I don’t see them doing anything beyond the minium.

It was from purchasing kilgore. That’s why he was 10 dollars as opposed to the usual 5. They did The same with shadow jago before. Only it was handled much better then…

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"They " never do. If a die hard fan doesnt share the links here or on social media. We rarely every know unless we live in that area and are linked in with the TOs.
Thats why its up to all of us to share the info if we have it.

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This isnt KI but here is the Injustice links for today