Soulcalibur Reboot - If you remade Soulcalibur?

With the SC: Lost Souls game cancelled, what’ll happen to it now?

It would be nice for it to have a reboot. Get a fresh story and better characters that aren’t out of place.

What would you do about it? Including fixing the gameplay?

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If I remade Soul Calibur? Hmmm…

  1. I’ll fix bugs in SC.
  2. SC get better netcode like KI.
  3. New and return characters! (I must bring Necrid back…)
  4. Same gameplay from SC2
  5. Guest! (Of course! You always know guest join SC series)
  6. Story mode must have epic story than SCV.
  7. Hidden and secret character. But only you must defeat final boss with EXPERT!
  8. There no DLC in my SC…
  9. I must make finished my SC. (I won’t sell my unfinished SC like Assassin’s creed unity.)

So… What do you think?

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If i remade SoulCalibur i’d make it good. Kappa.

Here’s how Soulcalibur’s story should work. I mean… the characters are somehow connected to real “remedial” history!

  • Plus with Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio as a guest in V, the Renaissance era would connect.
  • Star Wars characters like Vader & Yoda aren’t allowed in the past.
  • The characters will be involved with historic events of the past. In our time… the future, there will be descendants and immortals fighting for the soul swords that were excavated by archaeologists.
  • As for the soul swords… let’s say Excalibur is involved, would Soulcalibur take its form? Even the Labrys Ax and various other historic weapons.

I would put back all of the custom styles that were in SCIII no questions asked. That would be my #1 priority right there. I need my Grieve Edge back.

That Devil Jin style was pretty cool too. Let’s throw that back in too.

I just want SC3 Zasalamel back. I spent so much time with him only for him to change too much in SC4.

On topic, I just want it to come back. I want a progressing story that doesn’t suck like 5 did. I want Potrokolos or whatever his name is to not exist. I want Kilik and Taki back. Get rid of that special meter in 5 and put something in like the meter Nero has in Devil May Cry 4. Change it so that well timed combo hits charge it.

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Just wanna point out that Star Wars takes place “A Long Time Ago”, so they’re already in the past :yum: just sayin :wink:

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It only took me a few years of my life to figure that part out. Still weird to me that they’re in there though.

OMG how coud i forgt about Zasalamel???

TUSK new moveset coud benefit from Zasalamel SC3

Id agree with others and say SC3 needs to return in soild form with new stages and a custom character option

  • I’d add all the cast from SC-1
  • There will be DLC in mine including DLC that allows you to make legit monsters
  • Tell a better story and make every character have there own story and cut scenes as well as decision making like in SC III
  • Make characters purchasable to unlock (the sooner someone gets to their main the better)
  • No classes in creat-a-soul as that gave some limits.
  • Allow people to make various creatures ranging from Angelic, Demonic, Lizard/Snake-like characters
  • Do not make clothing damage apply to certain things (the satyr legs for example would not get damaged and you can apply armor to those as well)
  • A story involving your created characters including cutscenes.
  • Make soul Edge speak abit more and make it sound demonic and cunning as it talks to nightmare and soul Calibur is the same.
  • Have a story arch follow each character you select.
  • I would also make every character in mine have access to everything (I was not happy with the fact that my main Aeon only got to have his colors, and weapons changed)

The characters will be as follows

-Lizardman/Aeon Calcos
-Yung Sung
-Seong Mi-na
-Night Terror
-Siegfried (got to have him and nightmare)
-Edge Master

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Hopefully SC6 is still on the way , although I doubt we’ll hear about it until Tekken 7 is close to release.
They did have an official character poll on facebook last year so that’s a good sign.

If it was up to me - I’d remake Soul Edge/Blade

  • I’d bring back the ability to disarm your opponent, but I’d add greater depth to the hand to hand combat.
  • Armor destruction will just be limited to the armor - not clothing. It’s funny in SCV when you fight someone and their pants come flying off, but maybe just a bit too silly.
  • Edgemaster mode, with a branching story + with lots of unlockables…
  • Bring back Chronicles of the Sword but with more in-depth RPG style elements.
  • Bring back the gallery, exhibition, profile, character creation modes and the interactive endings.
  • Have a high quality full orchestral soundtrack.
  • Highly detailed arenas with a basic degree of destruction / interaction (nothing that gets in the way of gameplay.)
  • No Critical Edges or ‘super moves’
  • No weird guest characters, only those that fit the historical /combat theme of the game.
  • Gameplay wise I’d add more tools to help players control spacing/position, like specific counters/parries to pull opponents over to the left/right or push back, get behind etc , which all adds to the changes made to the arenas with the interactive elements.
  • Bring back the entire old cast - Mitsurugi, Taki, Rock, Hwang, Sueng Mina, Li Long, Cervantes, Siegfried, Voldo, Sophitia, and maybe Han Myong or a few popular characters from the later games - all characters must have 100% original move sets , no clones.
  • Soul Edge the boss, tough, but not cheap in any way.


Firstly I’d add more diversity of characters in the game. IN SC there’s really not many uniqe monster characters in the game, the only ones really are Nightmare, Aeon and Astorath everyone else is pretty much human or too human and I do not count humans as diverse characters.

Secondly I’d addmore to the diversity of the character customizartion SC5 I admit was the pinnacle of this even though it was the worst SC game in my opinion. I’d start from there and work my way up i that manner.

Makesure the netcode is good.

Better balance on the cast so certain characters like Maxi can’t get away with too many things or pole using characters will be slightly slower to make up for their long reach or decrease their damae output if people want them to keep their speed.

I’d add a tag-mode which is also optional online and their can be critical finishers which are team-based. (Can Only be done on the last around, both players have to be alive, and both have to have their meter’s full)

I would have astoroth get his lava rock monster look from SCIV back the rest is anyone else’s choice

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I’d liekj to see wat else they could do to Aeon Calcos and hopefully customize his traits.

Anyone still have thoughts on how to bring Soulcalibur back in a reboot?

Wonder if we’ll get a reboot for Soulcalibur? If not… Capcom should make their own weapon-based fighting game.

And Battle Arena Toshinden? That’s different.

Gameplay features?,

I remember how soulcalibur allowed me to make orchid Kim Wu & Maya in character creation well before the KI reboot

I’d love a backwards compatible SC or reissue on PSN

I’d like to see if they could do that to.

though if I also did a reboot it would cover both Soul Calibur 1 and 2 and have people choose a race for a character like a lizardmen and some other inhuman things.

yes especially if they just have SCV.

I made a lady death with lizardmans moveset. Incredible