Soulcalibur Reboot - If you remade Soulcalibur?

I’d love to see SC4 and SC5 Backwards compatible on Xbone. Hate having to pull out my 360 every time I want to play them.

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  • SCV gameplay and Create-A-Soul system.
  • Zwei and Viola as the only new characters returning from SCV, otherwise all the characters from SC4 (not counting the guest characters).
  • No guest characters.

Yeah, much as I don’t like Viola and Zwei, They are the only ones who did not replace a veteran. While I’m happy Aeon came back (and new and improved too) I can understand why the fans of Taki (just to name an example) were upset.

Actually, I think Viola is Amy, story wise.

Exactly why I want them to return and not the others. I personally love these two though. <3

All hints points towards it, yeah. I prefer her as Viola though, with the orb, instead of with the rapier.

Viola was badass- I hinted at Kim pre-launch in 2014 having her moveset or a new gypsy / dancer character

I used Viola as a base of how Tanya could be in MKX, being an acrobatic sorcerer type. She did become an acrobatic sorcerer type, but nothing like Viola though. XD

I really do hope Zwei returns. He was just so awesome! I loved his appearance and moveset.


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There are other types of warriors all over the globe SC hasn’t done.

Look at this guy’s work for example:

Now for Aeon calcos’s new appearance I would give him 3 costumes. One based of the modern lizards, one off of a dinosaur and a third that that is mostly a base that can have traits like horns and wings ect. (but if I did that it would be pointless to have a charcter creator were you can make a Lizardman anf give them any weapon style.

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Here’s what I’d like to see in a new Calibur game. MORE CUSTOMIZATION.

Give us say about 110 free slots for custom characters, with each one allowed 10 costume settings. This way you can make a character, while also building alts for them. In SC 4 and 5 they only give you 50, but if you want mirror matches, you technically only get 25 characters.

Something else I’d like to see, customizing the core roster DOESN’T count as a custom character. They should be able to have 10 alts as well, without taking away from the other feature.

Second, more fighting styles, not just the ones from the basic roster. This way, you aren’t just limited to what the game already has. Maybe a feature to mix and match certain playstyles for more unique creations.

Finally, maybe a story mode for your created character (Even allowing you to make a team of your own characters, plus having already existing roster members.) If this were to be implemented, imagine they took a Xenoverse route with the idea. Keeping both an action fighter, but also as a partial RPG, but only for this specific mode. Multiplayer could also be cool.

I’d also add character type.

I’d like to create a lizardman with a different style of weapons.

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Here’s what I’d like to see in a new SC game:

-Roster: Get back to basics. Find the core roster and start there. I’d suggest:


Then perhaps have two classic hidden characters like Lizard Man and and Siegfried.

So that’s 20. After that, add eight to ten brand new characters so the total is 28-30 in total. Make sure they’re all new character designs that aren’t just reskinned versions of existing characters with only a small level of move variation. With the exception of Lizard Man and Siegfried, who are hidden characters, there shouldn’t be any weapon or fighting style repetition.

-For the story, I’d want them to do a mode that’s more of an evolution of Weapon Master Mode from Soul Calibur 2.

Give me a written intro on the history setting up the main storyline.

Then provide a tutorial section, followed by sending me out in to the world. From here, I’d like to see multiple options to choose from. Different difficulty levels yielding different rewards. Matches that have specific stipulations such as win without parrying or win using only kicks or defeat three opponents with one life bar, etc.

But I want to see a story woven throughout. Not just “your character going on a journey, fighting people.” Give me hints of the main story, give me cutscenes, give me written text, etc. Everything that happens when playing with any character should be part of a canon story, so if a lot of the matches happen to be against opponents that aren’t on the main roster, then so be it. Maybe matches with characters can be interrupted mid-match, maybe losing in “story” matches doesn’t allow you to continue, but just sets you on a different path that’s no better or worse.

But this mode would also be your main method of unlocking both more weapons and clothing items for your character, but also gold to buy stuff for the create a character mode.

-Which bring me to the other big part of the game. For Create a Character, I’d really like to see them go all out on this mode and allow you to create your own roster of characters and actually write your own bios and story mode. You could also choose and crop versus screen images, arcade ending backgrounds, etc. Basically, it should let you create your own game’s worth of characters.

You unlock more character sizes, appearance items, fighting styles, voices, and so on the more you play through the story mode. I’d also like to see them incorporate an endless component to this mode, where once you beat the story with every character, you get a wandering warrior mode where you can travel to several different randomly generated battles to earn more gold to open more stuff in the create mode.

That would be the guts of a new SC for me. I’d love something like that. Anything after that would be icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile: