Soo is IG going to make an official statement about the S3 preorder today?

I really don’t understand the marketing strategy for S3… I don’t think I’ve ever been left in the dark so much about a game… And I realize they were holding back announcements to generate hype and anticipation, but the preorder came out today and just like a lot of other big announcements, I had to learn about it from other websites and speculation from these forums…

How do you launch a pre order without an official statement? And how do you expect ppl to buy your product without knowing what theyre buying? We have so many questions that we’re just speculating about at this point. Like the “typo” on the Xbox page saying release is 3/20… They need to address this ASAP.

The actual S3 launch is in less than two weeks away, yet we still dont know key details about the game… I for one will purchase it regardless because I love this game, but honestly, this has to be the worst marketing campaign for any game I’ve ever seen…

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Information is being compiled into a reportedly large blog post as we speak;

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