Songs that annoy you

Now what are some songs from ANY musical genres and eras that annoy, irritate, bug, get to you, get on your nerves, make you cringe, and even hate listening to as well as ones that you find to be dumb, stupid, moronic, idiotic, cringe-inducing, and even make you want to (among several things) pull your ears and blow your brains out?

Here are some of mine to start off with (Warning: Listen at the risk to your own ears):

Pretty much ANY songs by Justin Bieber
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All i want for Christmas is you

Those of us that have listened to TV adverts around Christmas have heard this one, and as someone who doesn’t like Christmas that much, it really gets on my nerves. Yesterday was the 1st of December at the time of writing, and my friends are all obsessed with Christmas, so that’s the only song I heard on repeat the whole day.

It speaks for itself.

Work, by Rihanna.

How can a song with ‘filler music’ & the lyrics of: “der, der, der, der, der,” be a popular song. I swear this song had little t ono effort put into it, but became popular due just to the fact that its Rihanna.

It just offends me on a personal level to know that there are actually very talented young artists out there, struggling to get any kind of recognition at all for their hard work and natural talent. Yet crap like this is what’s playing on the radio. For shame.

I hate that song too.

Here’s another one I don’t like:

Any, and I mean any, Christmas song. After working just 1 year in customer service, I want to hurt anyone who turns on Christmas music.

Even during Christmas.

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What about funny, hilarious, warped, twisted Christmas songs? :wink: :laughing:

Most of Polish rap and Reggae. In Poland there are even movements and fanpages with comedical purposes like “Delegalize Polish rap/reggae” etc. :smiley:

I also dont like songs that make me feel nostalgic. Like songs from my parents youth, etc.

I appreciate them because most of them are really good pieces of musical art, but they just so sad mostly, even dance songs have that nostalgic vibe in lyrics and sound.

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I want to see you beat this crap…

The girls are mega hot though…

I know how you feel.

I really love rap, j cole, Kendrick lamar. But those mainstream rap songs( edit: look up "bad and Boujee for a good example btw)…man they overshadow good rap music it baffles me. I would post them here but there’s enough trash in this thread already


So overall do you prefer OLD-SCHOOL rap and hip-hop music, yes? :wink: :slight_smile:

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yea I listen to old school rap and modern day alternative

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Sometimes I want to cry because people on my block still do this

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So now do you feel like ripping out your ears, bleaching your eyes, gouging out your eyes, or even all of the above actions listed?

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This is quite an annoying song now I must say :stuck_out_tongue: :-1: :thumbsdown:

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All of the above, thanks for asking!

1 Like juju on that beat I hate this annoying song.

Knew this one was going to surface sooner or later. Inevitable.

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I’m just annoyed that she actually thought this was a good idea.

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