Something's missing

I finished the first playthrough a while ago which took several hours. Then I went through my second playthrough, which I streamed for about 4 hours in total.

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So far I am loving it! I’m a huge single-player only type of person. I mean, I played KI for months before I ever decided to try online. Being a fan of that made this mode very interesting and very entertaining to say the least.

That said, there seems to be something missing that I can’t quite explain. I pondered what it could potentially be but ultimately couldn’t come to the conclusion of what bothered me.

A few things that I thought of were having an after-boss, boss. Like a secret even tougher boss, that being Eyedol. Then I said, “maybe it’s a lack of content”. More cinematics to keep the mode from feeling empty. Rewards, aside from materials and in-mode items, like cosmetics for all modes. The works.

I know we are still a bit away from the release, but I can’t help but feel like I am not fully satisfied with this mode.

Maybe some input could help, anything come to mind for you guys?


Well, for now, just that I feel largely the same way…

I suggested in another thread a bonus boss, maybe make use of that gold Gargos skin and have him get back up with one more life bar.

If you lose you’d still win Shadow Lords anyway for beating the normal boss, I wouldn’t want to take that away.

Another one could be having Eyedol jump in and kill Gargos before you get the chance and take his place if you meet arbitrary requirements, Akuma style.


I’d like that actually. It’d be a nice homage to SF.


I agree…its need more. More cinematic, more sub bosses, more unlocks that work outside SL. Better AI. Right now its quite hard to understand at first and is a bit overwhelming.

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The answer is simple. Beat Gargos and unlock the mimic skin for whoever your captain is. Much incentive to play the mode over and over if you want that smokey green costume for every character :slight_smile:

Seriously guys, I need mimic Spinal…the smokey green just fits him all too well. I would buy it if I could lol

and this would be amazing as well


Considering Eyedol’s original ending was also a SF homage/parody, that would actually kinda make sense.

This is what hit me the most. The first playthrough is chock full of cinematics, but once you move on to the next playthrough, depeneding on the characters you pick, you might not even get any cinematics besides the standard 2 that explain the Omens and the victory scene.

I sincerely hope that the season 1 and 2 characters get more cinematics.

Another gripe I have is that if you are using Rash, Arby, or RAAM, you feel kind of un-involved in the story. They don’t have any cinematics, any unique missions, and no reason to really be there. You don’t even fight mimics of them! I know they are supposed to be non-canonical, but writing a “what if” story for why they are in the KI universe would make them feel more a part of the KI world and would make their appearance in SL more appreciated.


I agree.

Honestly, just like they did with Eyedol, the guest characters should have been locked, and a “special” storyline should have been made with those guest in mind. It can be non-canonical. It can be stand alone. It would have just been SOMETHING to justify their inclusion in the game, and also in SLs.

More character cinematics?

Sure. More of that stuff is always welcome. It would add more incentive to replay the mode overall, but really I don’t think they add THAT much. I think what is more important is just more character specific storylines.

The initial play through sets up the story of Gargos’ invasion fairly well. Other play throughs (play throughs with other captains) should fill the story out more with what they were going through during this time. I think it does that to some degree (my second play through was with Fulgore, and I failed his specific story mission, as well as died to Gargos, so I just need to play more overall), but it would be nice to get info for everyone, not just a select few.

All that being said though, so far I’m liking the mode overall, and am enjoying reading the little side missions, and all the gear and such. I just need to get better a playing, as I have resolved myself to just playing with CAM, and learning the ins and outs of that scheme.

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keep in mind what we have been playing is not the finished product, there are much more items, unlockables, guardians, accessories, accomplishments, etc that are still locked in this version, I think all your wants will be met by release

I do notice the amount of cinematic is a bit lacking. I’m still waiting for the character specific cinematics, because I’ve beaten SL like 3 times already by I get the same cinematics every time. I’m just assuming the character specific story comes out with the full release. I would also like something different in the post mission rewards, like a rare guardian card shows up occasionally.

I like this idea, it would also give me a chance to see that gold skin. Only seems fair to me, because why would I spend $$ to get the definitive edition when I already have the ultra combo edition and would be getting everything anyway (except the gold gargos skin) but the promise of a gargos skin is not enough to make me spend money on something I already have, it would be the worlds mostly expensive DLC.

Also love this idea, very classic.

It took me about 2 whole play throughs not including game overs to figure out exactly how to work the emporium, my storage, missions, navigating the map. Still haven’t figured out how an appeared omen can hide out on the map and I cant click on him to dish out a whoopin.

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Strange, it’s almost as though the mode isn’t quite done yet and this is an early access version. Weird…

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I had made a thread that didnt really go anywhere. What I wanted to know was with all the items to be made, guardians to get, main missions, story missions, character missions, emergency missions, etc… Would there be a strategy guide in the works?

I really think that is a by-product of so many people b*tching about having guests in the game. So many people complaining of the possibility of getting Halo peanut butter in their KI chocolate & crying about how it’s gonna scr3w up the KI story they just left them out as much as they could. And now they feel hollow. Kinda a self-fulfilling prophesy isn’t it…people complaining about how they wouldn’t bring anything of value to KI so now they don’t?

…never mind the fact that in other FGs where guests are involved they are still given their non-canonical part to play even if it technically “doesn’t count”…Link in Soul Calibur, Kratos in MK9, Scorpion in Injustice…


Sure sure, but if no one expresses these desires and just based what they want on what “may” come out later, then we will never see it.

I know it’s early access, but it doesn’t hurt to provide feedback so they know exactly what we as gamers feel is missing for the mode.

Strange, it’s as if someone would like to provide feedback about early access games instead of just waiting for the developers to just figure it out. Weird…


Sounds about right. I mean dont get me wrong I actually enjoy playing as Arby and Raam. But lets face the facts, they are guest characters. They are not part of the KI lore or cannon. It would be foolish to think that a whole story to support the inclusion of guest characters would be created to accommodate their existence. I mean when you have guests come over to your house, do you let them move in and take over the joint? (rhetorical question)

More than likely if that were to happen it would be fan made. I would love for a guide/art book to happen. I think it would be really cool.

Of course, the end all be all (for me at least) would be for SL to be broken out into a mobile game, or a card game of some sort. I would love to be able to play this game on the go, to be able to collect artifact on my phone/tab and then use them in KI proper.