Someone cyberbullying to my little sister

Today, my little sister is very sad and crying because Nickfamous was curses and mock to my sister! How I can make my sister feel better?
help me PLEASE!

First, listen to these songs of inspiration:

Second, if she has any account on FaceBook, Twitter, etc, change passwords.

Third, report this guy and the admins will drop the ban hammer

Lastly, tell your sister that she’s none of those things that this guy says and that she’s beautiful.


No offence or anything, I hate bullies with a passion and feel really sorry and hope your sister feels better soon, but why would you think of coming to a video game forum for cyberbullying help? Shouldn’t you really be talking to your parents? Or Childline? Or if it’s a really big case, even the police?

My sister is deaf…

My parents have vacation. My sister feel bit better, but I’m really mad about Nickfamous!
He 10000000% stupid. > : (

I’m sure you are mad, I’d be really upset to see my brother get bullied! Did this happen on these forums?

Oh…well, at least I can see that she’s feeling a bit better, but seriously, you need to report this guy. If someone bullied anyone close to me, I would be really mad

Who or what is a nickfamous?
He’s 15 old age years, MK fan, bully and racist. My little sister want stop to him being mean, but Nick hurts to my sister’s feel.

I think i have seen on Mk Fan Facebook page where this guy was being talked about for being an ■■■ or something. I could be wrong but it sounds familiar…I try to stay away from the facebook pages…way too much drama that’s really non monitored correctly.

Facebook? He always use twitter.

Yeah they talk about twitter drama on the MK page… maybe someone else…either way its not cool…i just know Ive heard that name before along side some drama

Can’t you report people to Twitter? I thought you could. If they’re just saying stuff that your sister doesn’t want to hear, or it’s just generally mean stuff, I’d say block the kid, ignore him, etc. I’d assume they’d go away after a while. I’m not entirely certain.

If they’re making threats though or going above and beyond the usual internet douchiness, then it wouldn’t hurt to at least call the police non-emergency line and try and find out what your options might be. I’m sure there are also other places on the internet that can inform you of what to do in a situation like this; advice, phone numbers, support groups etc.

Good luck.

I will report to twitter soon.

How I can delete my topic? My sister feels lot better.

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■■■■ like this calls for a nice round of assault and battery, but thats just me being a hot blooded latino/texan. lol.