Somebody's a Killer Again

H.E.L.L. Yeah! I just made it to Killer! My Promotion Match, thankfully was a shame… C’mon IG tosses a Level 9 Glacius with a Level 23 Player card (Qualifier) my way. It was a short fight, but OMG, I don’t have to grind any more! I’m back! Seeing that beautfiul Red Screen has never been so nerve racking. I had to fight a SLEW of incredible Hisako players to get here. Lots of blood sweat and tears, but I’m KILLER again! WOOT WOOT!



congo-rats! ill be up there myself soon. im just doing 1 Gold ranking a day, after killing top 32 guys for only 30pts and gettin next to none against lesser ranks i saw no rush in killing myself to grind it out fast. so i took a slow pace instead and its been working for me. again, congratulations!

Grats on Killer, but facing a Qualifier for your promo fight? What?
It straight up says it’s supposed to match you with at least a Gold.

And here I am minutes after losing my Killer promo match against the most patient Arbiter I’ve ever seen. Figures.

Welp, that’s 1 less not-a-noob that I have to worry about while I continue to grind from the bottom of gold tier. :wink:

gold tier is full of all the usual suspects and ppl going ham trying to hit killer. there was even a smurf jago trying to fool me in there. ok yeah, doing jago’s mix ups and overhead reset fireball combos and you’re barely a level 5 jago and global rank of 15? I DONT THINK SO SCOOTER lol. how unfortunate for him i kill everyone i see indiscriminately no matter the level lol. every match i think im fighting a pro guy


Funny, I saw few Sadiras in my road to killer.

I’m ok with it xD

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Congrats, dude! I’m currently stuck on the gold to killer promotion matches, it’s infuriating. I’d be smashing my controller if my next promo fight is with you. :disappointed_relieved:

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I thought you had to play a killer to promote to killer? How did you get a qualifier? Wasnt that one of the biggest changes of the league??

duhgerman! i know you! you always put up a good fight. you’re a tricky bastardd, well met! see you next bout man.

@FallofSeraphs76 to get promoted, you need to fight equal league or above. i think he fought a gold league player…but he himself was a new player who happened to reach gold. catch my drift? as in, he wasnt a veteran lvl 50 guy, but a low level gold

Yo! Yes, you’re a fulgore player, if i can recall? That’s my main goal, to confuse you and question your next move… :wink:

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yeah im a fulgore player, i also fought against you with sadira. you beat me when i used her, then i beat you…its been a trade between us. your game plan is sound, i like it

I think i’ve played you multiple times since the launch of KI! There’ve been countless of times of me being so confused/frustrated with your great teleport mixups. Hope to finally beat your fulgore, maybe it’ll happen sooner than expected. :smile:

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They should strip him of his killer status since he didn’t get it by following the rules (J/K). That’s like cheating ignorantly! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got gold even though my silver promotion was against a qualifier. I’m killer now, but it was still odd at the time.

Just reached killer myself. My promo match was against someone called supertranny25… it was an exceedingly peculiar match to say the least.

I made it to gold without a problem already, but my time to play has been limited in the last week or two, so it’s been a slower than usual process to get there, but I hope to get it soon.

I actually did send feedback in regards to getting Promoted via winning against a Qualifier. I think why its working the way it is, is because the Qualifier was was forecasted to be in “Gold”. However, this still shouldn’t be happening. The player I faced was not up to the challenge. He was a decent Glacius, but it wasn’t the epic battle I was expecting.

I’ve already gotten 98 points in Killer! WOOT WOOT!

I’m still stuck at 32 points in gold tier. I’m starting to feel inferior with everyone getting to killer tier without me… :’(


You can do it dude. :thumbsup: