Somebody Stop that Spider Chic!

In the words of a friend who used to play KI @MoBVertigo. “She stole the match”…

Here are a few recent matches against good players and a fun match (at least for me) where I play like I’m dodging pullets in Ikaruga.

Also my fellow Sadira players @Iago407 I finally got my first star (this March) with the encouragement and help of Shaolin FX (He no longer frequents this message board).

I also want to thank @STORM179 for his coaching. Playing against pro players really does help you level your game. Still learning, but still getting better.


Man, I could watch air juggles with Sadira all day. I just wish I was better at them. I have a few go to juggles, but I’ve seen a much wider variety, some of which involve her web cling, which I don’t think I’ll ever have thumbs fast enough to perform lol.

Those were some good matches! I liked the juggles against wulf, and the Aganos match looked crazy hard. Dude always seemed to have chunks and that two wall smash toward the end really brought him back. Way to pull it out though. Good stuff!

That’s awesome, man! Congrats!! I definitely plateaued with Sadira, unfortunately. I kinda hit a point where the harder combos just weren’t happening and I started narrowing my playstyle. Definitely need to watch more videos and lab some more and see if I can find other stuff with her, since I know there’s a TON of untapped potential in her, especially for someone like me that’s probably done a tenth of what she’s capable of lol.

Yeah it took hours for me to get some of these juggles to work. Lots of trial and error, but it is worth it in the end.

As a 39 year old, it certainly takes me longer than it did when I was a kid. :joy_cat:

Yeah that Aganos tech is sick! Sadly it is also unbreakable. I tried mashing just to see if I could lock out, but no… You can’t even break the heavy at the end, although Aganos can Counter break it. Sort of broken.

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Yep, 39 here as well, and while I wish I could say that fighting games were getting harder, I remember a time when I both knew and could perform about 99% of the Tekken 3 move list. Now? Not so much lol.

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Man those JC instinct manuals are wack. Makes me want to drop Shin and jump into Sadira again. :sweat_smile:

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They are pretty cool, albeit they don’t do much damage and don’t build as much potential damage, but they are great for lockouts.

For me the easiest way to get Sadira till JC manuals is to JC a normal attack, like my crouching light.

That Spinal match was really good.

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DUDE! It’s so cool to see you again!!! I’ve been trying to keep Web Nation alive. :smile_cat: